With today’s economy, everyone wants to save the money they work so hard for. Homeowners are no different! Installing a heat pump in a home has many benefits. It also has one slight drawback, but the drawback is nothing compared to the benefits one will receive from taking the step of installing a heat pump for more sustainable heating and cooling throughout the years.

The First Benefit is the Savings

Although a heat pump is slightly more costly than the traditional air conditioning unit or furnace, its long-term benefits will far outweigh higher price. Instead of two separate units having to be maintained, repaired, or purchased, a heat pump unit takes the place of both. 

Using air to air, water, or geothermal methods, this all-in-one unit can maintain a cool home on hot days and keep your home warm on cold winter days. It can cut utilities up to 50 percent in some cases. Most heat pump units will outlast traditional heating and cooling units. They are quiet in operation and will raise the value of the home.

The Second Benefit is Quality


Image via Flickr by nordique

A heat pump doesn’t just improve the quality of the air in your home — it is also good for the environment. It uses air, water, or geothermal methods so that homeowners don’t have to purchase oil, propane, or any other type of hazardous chemical to heat the home. Allergens are reduced, keeping the entire household healthier. The allergens being reduced lessens the amount of dust and debris moving throughout the household.  

The heating and cooling is more uniform throughout the entire household. In other words, a heat pump will maintain the same temperature in each room, instead of one area roasting while another stays cold.

The Third Benefit is Ease

Most heat pump units are easy to use. It is a simple flick of a switch to operate the unit. Spring is the best time to install a unit, since the homeowner is not relying on the heat or the air conditioning units to maintain the temperature in the home.  

When a homeowner sums up all the benefits that could be received from the installation of a heat pump system, the slightly higher cost does not seem to factor in to the equation. Having a heat pump reduces the amount of upkeep from two separate units to one, reduces the amount of allergens in the home, allows for more even heating and cooling throughout the house, and lowers the heating and cooling costs. On top of all that, it lasts longer than traditional units and is easy to use.

If you are interested in having a great all-in-one unit installed in to your new or existing home, do some research, find the best unit for you, and let the professionals do the rest. Schedule an appointment with a professional and let them handle the work.  An HVAC technician can get you where you need to be to have a heat pump installed into your home.