frisky fisher

This is a sponsored post created in partnership with Purina. However, I used their products prior to this arrangement & voice only my true & honest opinions. It’s easy to spot a healthy active cat. They are the one that can’t be contained. They can’t be shushed away and they won’t be ignored. Work on a computer or any kind of keyboard for that matter, yeah forget that. Mine have been known to climb up and fight right on the desk while I’m working. I shudder to think about some of the cryptic e-mails that were probably sent out by those hooligans during their non stop destruction of house and home for their “games”.  I know my cats are healthy there’s no denying it. Their lifestyle habits are trademark for healthy cats. So look for these 3 habits for healthy cats in your felines to keep them on their toes.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

  1. Playfulness: Is your cat constantly on the go? Always chasing something, swatting something. This kind of activity in a cat is healthy. They have have instincts and their playtime habits help keep those instincts sharp.
  2. Healthy Eaters: No when I say healthy, I mean healthy. Not where they sit down and eat as much food as you will put in front of them and then ask for more. C’mon, we all know that’s not healthy. Having healthy snacks around for your cats is a good way too keep them on a healthy eating routine. Friskies is introducing Pull n’ Play cat treats. The first ever tender edible string for cats. It’s a great way to play with your cat while giving them healthy treats.wobbert-how-3
  3. Don’t You Ever Sleep: I know it may seem like your cat is forever on the prowl, especially when your just trying to get a good nights shut eye. But the truth is most cats sleep around 15 hours a day! Most of their naps are short and light. They sleep with one eye open if you will. Even though they are domesticated, cats still follow their predatory instincts. which will make them most active at night. Fisher’s favorite thing to do while in the house is sleep! He even sleeps with his Wobbert toy!

The Pull n’ Play are great just use by themselves or just load ’em up in the Wobbert cat toy and watch them go. To celebrate the launch of their new product,  Friskies Pull n’ Play has launched a new website dedicated to the playfulness of cats. The Product will be available in stores nationwide mid June 2015. Be sure to join their campaign for finding the most playful cat. Go to the Pull n’ Play website to showcase your cat by posting photos. You can also  learn more about the product, find coupons and enter the #MostPlayfulCat Sweepstakes for a chance to win the grand prize of $1500, a Wobbert toy and 1 years supply of Pull n’ Play treats. 50 More will receive a Wobbert and years supply of treats. For every #MostPlayfulCat that is used between June 25th and July 2nd Friskies will donate one pack of the treats to shelter cats. Be sure to check it out and share your stories and photos. Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones.

What’s the wildest stunt your cat has ever pulled?