Deciding to get the annoying, excess hair waxed off your body is a story that many women (and yes, even men) choose. Waxing can serve as an agent for taming the hair found on your face, lip, chin, neck, and of course more personal areas. In fact, choosing to have a Brazilian wax in Scottsdale, AZ for those who are live there is a very personal decision which is always good to prepare yourself with facts when the times comes.

  1. What Exactly is a Brazilian Wax? To put it simply, a Brazilian wax is a process for removing pubic hair. Using either a hot or cold wax and a cloth strip, hair is removed quickly to lessen the discomfort. If you have never had this type of waxing done, it is important to rely on the services of a more experienced aesthetician. This (along with the following tips) will enable your first waxing to be successful rather than painful.
  2. Keeping It Clean: Cleanliness is a necessity for any salon you visit. Maintaining a highly sanitary environment should always be the goal for any waxing session. In particular, a Brazilian wax must be done in thoroughly clean conditions with instruments that are never re-used or carelessly stored.
  3. What Type of Wax Should I Use? Depending on what salon you employ, there are varying options for the type of wax used for a Brazilian wax. Here are some of the examples of what is available to you:
  • Soft Wax: Reasonably priced, this option has a melted, gooey texture. Soft wax is spread over the targeted area and then carefully (but swiftly) removed with the help of a cloth strip. Some of the disadvantages of soft wax are that it can be sticky, messy, and can cause a degree of irritation if not removed correctly.
  • Hard Wax: While hard wax is also spread on smoothly, it is more expensive than soft wax and takes much longer to harden. Once hard, however, it can be removed without cloth strips and with less skin irritation. For that reason, hard wax is often considered a good option for more sensitive regions that need waxing.
  • Sugar Wax: A more recent approach to waxing, sugar wax (also known as sugaring) can have many benefits for frequent waxers. Because sugaring is approached at a slower pace and in the opposite direction than more traditional waxes, it has a higher success rate for removing hair from the bulb. This encourages less re-growth and also helps lessen the discomfort when the hair is removed.

Now, you’re ready for a Brazilian Wax in Scottsdale, Arizona. Taking the time to review this information will help you understand what to expect and make your experience comfortable and successful. Considering these points, you will be prepared for an appointment at your favorite salon when going for a Brazilian wax when living in Scottsdale.