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Normally when I think about big corporations, I don’t think of them as someone who has a lot of respect for the people that make them who the are. I’m talking about not only the consumers that feed their bottom line, but the people who work long days and nights to make sure that their brand is as it claims to be. I’ve worked for my share of large companies, mostly at the lower levels, and I know for sure that I never really felt like my opinion was of any relevance to the people who signed my checks. Recently I was allowed to get an inside look at the operations of Dominos. You may know them as Dominos Pizza, but here to tell you they are so much more than that. They Gave access all the way from the local store to the man in charge of it all. Let’s just say there are more than just three lessons we could learn from the way they operate,but these were the ones I found most impressive.

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3 Codes Of Quality

  1. Consistent Quality: Dominos used to be the people that guaranteed that they would get you pizza in 30 minutes or less. It wasn’t always the greatest pizza but you got it fast. Then they changed their focus and reshaped themselves from top to bottom on the concept of providing an affordable quality consistent product. From there, they have developed and integrated new technology to insure you get only the best products as fresh as possible.
  2. Customer Care: Every business in the world has some kind of customer service department. I know from my own experience that service is rarely in their vocabulary. Dominos take a different approach to customer concerns. Embracing the technological world for what it is, they have quite a sizable customer care department that is monitoring all their social channels to not only respond quickly but on a personal level. The Pizza Tracker from their website is broadcast on screens throughout their headquarters, even right  out in front of the CEOs office. The man is in tune with what’s going on throughout the world of Dominos
  3. Corporate Atmosphere: People really like working for this company. When the majority of your franchise store owners started  out as drivers, that says something. They invest a lot in making sure every person that works for them feels like they are part of a team. Lots of the ideas for innovation come from the franchisees and all of their franchise owners must have been a store manager before they open their own. But know this, Dominos gives them all the tools they need to succeed, and actually cares about their success.

Dominos has high standards for quality in all of the products that they use in their stores. The one thing that Dominos actually makes themselves, is their dough. They gave a look at one their dough production and distribution facilities. Did you know that they make and distribute their dough every single day of the year, in any, and I mean any kind of weather? The sheer amount of dough made daily in just this one facility was staggering. The drivers who deliver the dough and other products, are nothing short of being the hardest working drivers in the business. These people are studs. Not only do they load their own truck and deliver them through the worst possible conditions you could imagine, but then they go in and rotate all the stock for each store they stop at and remove all of the empty dough racks before the store opens each day. Dominos instituted this system to let the store managers focus on opening and running their stores every morning.

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As I said before, all of their franchise store owners must have been a store manger first, and most of them started as drivers. the corporate headquarters is like no place I ever seen before. Their corporate structure revolves around their Pizza Theater. A working Dominos kitchen front and center visible from the first floor to the top floor. This is where they will hold trainings for employees and the few fortunate outsiders like us. Not only did they provide a pizza making lesson for myself and group of wonderful other bloggers, but they put us in a pizza making competition against each other. While the competition was fierce and very close, the best pie won, and it wasn’t mine. Their judging standards were tough, and while I thought I made a beautiful pizza, they said it did’t meet their standards for delivery or carry-out. Ouch!

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They gave us a look at every operation in their building and allowed to ask questions to who ever we wanted. They have developed and grown their IT department exponentially over the last few years to protect their customers information and insure their system doesn’t ever go down, even at their peak times, such as the Super Bowl. Their customer care team constantly monitors all social media channels to respond quickly and personally to their customer concerns and compliments. There have even been instances where the CEO Patrick Doyle has handled customer concerns personally. These people really care about what their customers think about them and want to make sure that they provide a positive experience or correct it when the the ball is dropped, because no one is perfect, and they know it.

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Drawing towards the end of our adventure inside the world of Dominos they softened us up a bit by presenting us with their new dessert, the Marbled Cookie Brownie. What a delicious treat. the perfect blend of cookie and brownie with enough to serve a family of 4, if not more. Then if that wasn’t enough they brought in the CEO and 3 top executive vice presidents for a Q & A session. They were open and candid about their success and their failures, as well as being open to ideas and thoughts about how they could better themselves still. Overall I found this to be a very enlightening experience and would hope that more large companies follow their example.

What’s your favorite Dominos menu item?