Garden bugs

If you live in the South Florida area, you know how badly these insects can “bug” you. Because we have such a warm climate, we have pests virtually all year round. This can be annoying on many levels, especially if you have plants, flowers and other flora in your yard. Our favorite pests this time of year are mosquitoes, black flies and wasps. I do not like using pesticides to kill bugs. You are what you eat, and my whole back yard is a virtual garden. Most of the plants in my yard are edible, and who likes eating RAID? Not me!Here my favorite natural ways to keep insects away, in south Florida or anywhere!

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  1. Black Flies: This pest is also known as the “Buffalo Gnat” or the “Turkey Gnat”. Although both the male and female feed on nectar, only the female bites mammals as she needs blood to feed her babies. A homemade spray of eucalyptus and lemon is a great deterrent for black flies. You can see a few of them in the picture above on the right! Did you know every time a fly lands on you they puke, poop and pee on you? Gross!
  2. Wasps: There is a pheromone in a wasp’s venom which makes other wasps aggressive. When you kill a wasp near their nest, this can attract a swarm, which is very dangerous for you. If you are bitten and have deodorant with aluminum in it, just rub the area with it and you will feel relief almost immediately! One natural solution to get rid of your wasp problem is to get a paper bag, crumble it up to make it look like a nest and hang it with twine. Wasps are very territorial and they tend to leave your yard if they think there is another nest. I am fortunate enough to have more than one nest on my back porch. I swear they get up in the rafters to annoy me on purpose!
  3. Mosquitoes: A mosquito will beat it’s wings 300 to 600 times per second! Wow! They also suck your blood. Not so wow! A DIY treatment to get rid of mosquitoes is to get rid of standing water, so they won’t breed. To keep them from biting you, rub a fabric softener sheet on your skin. This has been shown to repel them little guys and will keep your clothes from sticking to you as well!

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If you need a natural alternative for pest control with a little more “sticking power”, the RESCUE!® TrapStiks® is a great option. Mason is deathly afraid of bugs, so he is kinda working through his issues by approaching dead bugs in a “safe environment.” The great minds behind the RESCUE!® TrapStiks® for Wasps and Flies uses the science of visual attraction. What this means is visual cues are used to attract insects instead of chemicals, complicated traps or sprays. With their scent-based attractants like pheromones and feeding lures, you can rid the area of your pests naturally. The new TrapStik™ for Wasps and TrapStik™ for Flies use RESCUE!® innovative VisiLure™ technology. This in house developed science is made to draw in your pests with colors, shapes and other visual stimuli they are known to respond to.

By using a three dimensional pattern and color combination the flies and wasps find attractive, they are are lured to the sticky surface of the RESCUE!® TrapStiks®. This is such a clever and humane way to rid your yard, garden and home of these pesky pests. With my greenhouse, home, porch or other areas, I can hang the RESCUE!® TrapStiks® and do not worry about toxins, odors or harsh chemicals getting near the family. You can purchase the RESCUE!® TrapStiks® at independent garden centers and major retailers across the country for a suggested retail of $8. One USA reader will win a RESCUE!® TrapStiks®.

What natural way do you repel insects in your home or yard?