Happy couple in sunglasses lying on the beach

Our vision is precious. It grants us the ability to see all of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. The world is a work of art to all of the six senses our vision gives us the most dynamic displays of the beauty that is everywhere. So with all of the amazing displays all around us we should take advantage of the mans ingenuity to beat back the natural elements that are forever trying to hide the beauty from us, Because while the earth has a plethora of beauty to show us, she also has put obstacles and inherent dangers with the viewing of such beauty. Fortunately the mind of man has given us polarized sunglasses and here’s three reasons why they’re better for your eyes.


3 Reasons Why Polarized Is Better For Your Eyes

  1. They Reduce The Glare: If you have never put on a pair of polarized sunglasses or better yet done a side by side comparison then I’m not quite sure you can grasp the vastness of the difference in quality of vision. By reversing the polarity of the light coming through the lenses the reflective glare that comes off of water or other highly reflective surfaces is all but eliminated. What does this mean you ask? Well if you were looking into a body of water on a sunny day with regular sunglasses, you won’t see more than a few inches below the surface. Put on a pair of polarized shades and you can see as far as the visibility of the water allows.
  2. Better Low Light Visibility: Driving in rainy or low light conditions is not always easy on the eyes. It feels like you really have to strain to get a good focus on things. Try driving with a pair of polarized sunglasses with amber colored lenses and see how much your vision improves. This ties back in with the reduction in glare as there is always a lot reflective glare from the water and headlights. The amber lenses allow more of the visible light spectrum to reach your eyes that otherwise would have been muted out by the rain or clouds, giving you a crisp clear view of what’s in front of you.
  3. Better UV Protection: Our eyes are delicate and can be damaged easily The most common damage is caused by repeated exposure to strong sunlight without protection. Regular sunglasses are okay and they make the world not so bright but they don’t really protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays that we are exposed to everyday, nor do they make your vision clearer. Polarized shades block most UV rays and give your eyes the protection they need. Quality does matter when it comes to the protection of your eyes. Ovan is brand that focused both on quality and style.

Ovan Sunglasses is brand developed by some young enthusiastic entrepreneurs including supermodel Alex Lundqvist and pro snowboarder Bjorn Leines. Built to highest standards in the industry to provide the best in scratch and impact resistance as well as 100% UV protection. The lenses were developed to standards of military and medical optics. When it comes to style they are at the top of the pile. They are sharp! They’ll be sure to turn heads on the boulevard or the beach. In there commitment to quality and luxury Ovan has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new line of stylish shades. Supports of this campaign will be the first to showcase the new styles. So if quality, function and style are on your list of necessary qualities for your sunglasses, then visit Ovan and get what’s best for your eyes.

How would polarized sunglasses improve your world?