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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the TB Blood Test. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. In todays fast paced world it’s important to take care of yourself if you’re gonna be able to keep up. Convenience is also pretty important in todays world. it goes right back to back to the fast pace of todays world. When your day is already 10-12 hours long, getting to the doctor can often seem like a hassle. Luckily there have been and will continue to be great advances in modern medicine, which gives us more reliable results with less visits to the doctor. One Advancement of late that merits a special note is the development of the TB blood test.


Why The TB Blood Test Is Better

  • Accurate Objective Results: With the skin test, there is a lot of subjectivity in the reading of the results and can often lead to false positives. The blood test offers clear cut results in less time.
  • Less Trips To The Doctor: The skin test requires two if not more visits to the doctor. The TB blood test requires only one visit. saving you from wasting half of another day for results that might not even be right.
  • First Advancement In Over A Century: The skin test is 110 years old. You heard me right. Thinking about all the advance in modern medicine over the last century, it’s hard to believe that this is the first update to the TB test.


TB or Tuberculosis is a lot  more common than most people would think. Roughly 30% of the world has TB. Tuberculosis is airborne bacterial pathogen that is spread by someone who is infected by sneezing, coughing or even just speaking. this is then breathed in by the people in the immediate vicinity. The disease can lay inactive anywhere from a week to years. When it does strike, it usually affects the lungs. But it has also been known to affect the lymph nodes, brains, bones and eyes.

Someone new is infected withTB every three seconds. Someone dies from Tb every twenty one seconds. So don’t waste your time with a hundred year old test that gives unreliable results. When you see your doctor, ask for the new TB blood test and get reliable objective results in just one trip to the doctors office.

Do you know any one who has been affected personally by TB?