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For our bodies to function properly, we to have protein in our diets. It provide our bodies with energy and helps our muscles recover from hard work. Almost all meals these days are completely arranged around a protein. It’s hard to get away from. When most people think of protein, their first thought almost always goes to beef, pork or chicken. All of these are of course, animal based proteins. For many different reasons, people either choose to eat plant based proteins or do it out of necessity. For whatever reason, the choices of plant based protein meals available today are a far, far cry from the meals we all know from yesteryear. There is something for everyone as more and more families and athletes are finding out everyday.  Take a look for yourself and find out what it’s all about.

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3 Reasons To Try Plant Based Proteins

None Of The Disadvantages Of Animal Proteins: Animal proteins are high in fat and cholesterol and are usually pumped full of antibiotics and hormones are usually high in acidic content. These animals rarely are of the free grazing variety, denying them of any exercise help them to store up more fat in the meats we eat.

Great New Flavor Profiles: Todays plant based proteins aren’t the old bland flavorless tofu burgers like their predecessors. Today you can enjoy all of your old favorites that used to only come from animal proteins, such as chicken tenders and beef nachos.

Athletes Using Them For An Extra Edge: More and more athletes these days are converting to plant based proteins to help them get leaner and faster than ever. Like April Ross, Pro Beach Volleyball Player in the AVP. Many other elite athletes are also starting to pick up on the benefits of plant based proteins in their diet.

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Beyond Chicken Fajitas

So I wanted to see if this was as good as they say it is. So I thought that the best way would be to see if my family noticed anything different when I made chicken fajitas for dinner. Naturally I didn’t tell them that is was going to be made with plant based proteins. That’s the best way to get a true review in my eyes. Normally it’s quesadilla night on Wednesdays, but it wasn’t too hard to change their minds. So I just went to work as usual and served up the delicious meal you see above using all organic vegetables. I even made fresh salsa and guacamole, because that’s just how we roll. We love to cook in our house, so if you mess something up, you better believe that the critics are gonna let you know. It doesn’t happen to too often though as we like to keep it simple. Needled to say the critics with the mail I prepared for them and amazed at the fact that it was made with a plant based protein instead of real chicken. So it passed the test in my kitchen, will it pass in yours?

Beyond Meat, The Future Of Protein, has a variety of great plant based protein choices that allow you enjoy all of your favorite meals with out all the downsides of animal proteins such as slower digestion and fat storage. Beyond Meat is issuing the Future ofProtein Challenge to you as well. Secretly substitute a Beyond Meat product into a family favorite meal or use one these suggested recipes. Once everyone is done and satisfied of course, make your big reveal and and capture their thoughts and comments. Post your photos and recap of dinner to Instagram or Twitter by 11:00pm PST with the tags @BeyondMeat and #FutureOfProtein and you are automatically entered in the sweepstakes. 5 lucky fans will win Le Crueset cookware, 3 months of Chef’d meal delivery, a $500 Visa Gift Card, and a chance to watch our athletes in action! Beyond Meat is available at most major grocery retailers so use this coupon and take the challenge and see for yourself.

What would be the one thing that would keep you from eating plant based proteins and why?