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The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. As homeowners, at the end of the month, we often wonder where all our money has gone. When you factor in the rising costs of utilities and maintenance, it becomes crystal clear our hard-earned cash often goes to heating, cooling and lighting the home. Upgrading your home can cost more than you think you’ll save, but as time goes on, the savings start to pile up.

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Save Money At Home The Smart Way

  1. Insulated Your Windows: Windows today aren’t the windows your parents had. Windows these days are made of double panes that are filled with inert gasses. This gives improved impact resistance and insulation, two key elements in the long term of saving money at home.
  2. Change Your Lights: Light are a source of lost money in the home that is often overlooked. The outdated incandescent lights produce a lot of heat and don’t last very long. Replace them with LED lights and put them on timers. LED light produce less heat, last longer and the timers help with the wasted money of lights that were left on unintentionally.
  3. Install Smart Thermostats: Thermostats are the crucial element for keeping us comfortable in our homes. They are the brain that tells the A/c when to turn on and off, keeping us in our comfort zone. The problem is they are outdated and not very smart. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a highly educated piece of tech that will learn all about your comfort needs on it’s own and control the temperature of you living space so efficiently that you will think that it is actually paying you to have it in your home.


Calling the Nest thermostat a “smart” thermostat might be taken as an offensive comment if the Nest actually could be offended, but it’s so smart that it is above such petty things. Just so you know, when you install the Nest thermostat and connect it to home network with the new Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router and DST Adapter from Best Buy with GeekSquad included, it won’t take long before it knows your habits better than you do.

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The Nest is now in it’s 3rd generation of evolution, giving it a sleeker look with a better display that the 2nd generation and it’s beefed up its smart capabilities.

Within the first week it had already figured out how to keep my home comfortable by adjusting itself automatically, but my greatest surprise came when it alerted me through my smart phone that the temperature of my house had risen above the specified limits that the Nest and had agreed upon. It turns out that my kids had left the back door open, trying to set my hard earned dollars free. The bottom line is that the Nest Thermostat is the 8th cornerstone in the building a smarter home, giving you the ability to control your thermostat away from home and alert you to any issues that are out of your set parameters, it truly is like having a smart guardian at home for your hard earned dollars.

How are you making your home smarter?