Uh oh, I got the WiFi is out tarot card? What sort of horrorscope is this? I see the possibility of lots of whining and pouting in my future…

I admit to being a techie mom. My boys have many gadgets, games and tablets that work together in harmony, all using our beloved WiFi signal. These devices are educational and entertaining, effortlessly keeping the boredom monster at bay when they are in use. Usually, the most worrisome part is keeping up with the cords and making sure everything stays charged.  What happens, though, when you have dutifully plugged in, have done all your updates, and everything is ready to go, when the WiFi goes out? Well, when we still have no luck after trying all the standard fixes, and perhaps a good, long time on hold with the ISP, we can always go old school and find some no-internet-connection-needed ideas for spending quality time with our families.


 When the WiFi goes out, try doing these 3 things with your kids:

  1. Break out the board games: Many kids today are growing up with connected devices in their hands before they can even talk or walk. Though I feel as though many of these help with learning and fine motor skills, I still think there is something to be said for sitting down with a good old fashioned board game. Classics like Candyland and Go Fish are great for the younger set, while Monopoly and Clue can get the older kids fired up with friendly competitive vibes. The family bonding potential is big because everyone will be interacting instead of staring at their own private screens, lost in their own little worlds.
  2. Go play outside: Weather permitting, an impromptu game of touch football or even tag can get the blood pumping and the smiles flowing. It doesn’t have to be a technical game played perfectly by the rules. You can make up the rules as you go along. If it’s summer, break out the lawn sprinklers for an extra dose of memory-making good times.
  3. Make food together: You can break out family recipe books, or pull from memory to start cooking with your older children. For younger kids, there are plenty of options that don’t require actual cooking. Sandwiches are a fast route to most kids’ hearts. Even the pickiest eaters usually have a favorite sandwich that makes a great go-to option for busy parents and families on the go. Thank goodness Oscar Mayer has offered a Sanewich quick-fix to fill the time while we all wait for the invisible magic of WiFi to once again fill our halls!

OM_Sanewich_Pin_The_Down_Wi-FiThe classic simple cheese and turkey Sanewich on a baguette was something my entire family enjoyed making and eating together. Threw some chips in and we had a great start to an impromptu lunch. In today’s world, where everything seems so complicated, Oscar Mayer is helping you keep meals and snacking simple, by offering fresh deli-style meats for any occasion. They created their Sanewich pages to help you find inspiration when you are looking for quick, easy and delicious ideas for creations to make with your loved ones. Look there first for ideas, just make sure your WiFi is up and running first!