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3 Ways to Keep Kids Learning over Summer

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It has been long studied and researched. Summer break can be absolutely detrimental to the learning that our children do during the early years of their lives. With that being said, I do not advocate for year round schooling. In fact, I believe that we all need a little break from routine; but a break from routine in no way should be a break from learning. Each summer, kids lose a bit of what they learn during the school year, setting them at a disadvantage when they start the new school year. We must keep kids learning over summer, and there are several ways that we can do this! As a middle school technology teacher, I have picked up a few fun ways to get kids engaged and keep them engaged over summer.

3 Ways to Keep Kids Learning Over Summer

Pick up an affordable child size telescope. Take it outside each night and look at the stars together. Have your child locate the different constellations and planets.

A garden teaches your child how to be resourceful and how to be accountable. Check my Beginners Guide on Gardening With Kids for ideas on how to get started.

You may or may not want to invest, but following the stock market with your child can help teach them math and investment skills that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. You can even make a family game out of it and whoever sees the highest earnings at the end of summer wins!

Another great way to keep your child learning over summer is by getting them involved in a reputable summer program. As a kid, my parents worked full time, so they were very reliant on the different summer camps in our area. They always checked to be sure that the camps they chose were fun but still educational. You have almost certainly have heard of the Boys and Girls Club.  With the development of the Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future platform, kids have the chance to discover and develop passions in science, technology, engineering, and math (“STEM”). They have been leaders in out-of-school programming for over 150 years. STEM careers are on a steady incline, expected to grow more than twice as fast as other fields by the year 2018, making it even more important for our children to be involved in STEM programs. To see how the My.Future platform might benefit your child this summer, head over to their website to check it out!

How will you get your child learning over summer?

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