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Life is full of surprises and adventures can either happen in the spur of the moment or be planned out. Either way, they’re sure to leave you with a plethora of memories that last a lifetime.  I like to follow a few key principles to make the most of life’s adventures.


How To Get The Most Out Of Life

  1. Set Your Sights Forward: There are as many individual opportunities for us to make memories as there are unique individuals. While some people like to do things spontaneously (kinda like my style), it can limit the number of friends who would be able to join the last-minute party. However, if you plan a bit, you can play with those you love the most. Besides the addition of a few who need to take off of work, you also have the chance to ease your pocketbook by paying for your adventures over time.
  2. Surround Yourself With Love: Some are the rare breed who prefer to roam on their own adventures, however I prefer to be intertwined with everyone else’s adventures. I think it’s always a jammin’ good time when you have your closest friends and family near you. You know someone will always have your back and quite frankly it just creates stronger bonds of respect and friendship when you travel with those closest to you. Trust me, with four adults stuffed in an inside cabin, all the dirty laundry will be aired out by the end.
  3. Create Photographic Journals: Whenever people travel, whether it is in a group or alone, they usually bring along a camera. In this age of digital cameras, it is fairly easy to snap a few hundred pictures for one trip. It is also just as easy to let them sit in a folder on your desktop collecting virtual dust. I like to create beautiful coffee table conversation pieces that tell the tale of my adventure, so I get to relive it again and again. Canon’s hdAlbum Service lets you create photographic story books in the comfort of your own home. Then they take care of the rest!

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The Canon hdAlbum Service makes it easy for you to create unique and beautiful tabletop conversation starters. Simply download the hdAlbum software from a retailer near you and create your visual story with endless customization options that allow you to design and lay out your storyline, just the way you like it.
hd textYou have a choice of frames, pictures per page and fun tools like masks, as well as editing. Once all your selections are made, simply submit your order.

hdalbumThen you can sit back and relax for a bit while the magicians at Canon do their thing!

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Soon you will be holding a beautifully crafted-by-you album with a lay-flat bind, allowing full expression of your photos – all printed in vivid and stunning colors with realistic skin tones and high definition text. It’s the perfect way to tell the story of life’s adventures.  You can even share the completed album with the ones who shared your adventures so they can order it too. Click the  link below to preview the album I created.

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cannonhdWhat has been your life’s greatest adventure?

This is a sponsored post by Canon. All views and opinions expressed are unbiased and based on my personal experience.