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3 Wheeled Cambering Vehicle From Trikke Review

3 Wheeled Cambering Vehicle

If you are wondering what in the world a 3 wheeled cambering vehicle is, I am here to explain it!  The word “cambering” means leaning and when it is coupled with the proper vehicle, it will propel your movement.  If you remember our review of the Plasma Car, the basic concept is very similar in that the forward movement and the side to side leaning will propel the car forward.  With a cambering vehicle, your upper body movements will dictate how you move.  Trikke has designed an innovative and cutting edge vehicle that has got a lot of people excited.  Trikke designs and builds 3-point cambering vehicles for all age groups and all fitness levels.  The patented platform design with the 3 wheels (or skis) allows the rider to lean into turns without toppling over.  The extremely durable and lightweight folding frame gives the rider stability without a lot of extra weight and bulk. Standing and moving your core as you lean into curves is defined as “active riding”.  As you can imagine, riding on this vehicle is a heckuva workout for your upper and lower body.

Trikke has developed a line of vehicles that offers consumers several choices.  If you are looking to lose weight, get or stay fit, or need economical transportation, the Trikke is an excellent no impact way to work out and burn a lot of calories.  Many runners who have had problems with their joints, knees or ankles have made the switch to the Trikke and have said the Trikke is much more fun than running and the workout is just as, if not more effective than running.  Among the choices from Trikke are the T5 which is for kids 4-8, the T67 is intended for older kids or smaller adults, or the Tribred, which is the electric model.  The Trikke products range in price from $80.00-$2,200+.  To see the entire collection of Trikke products, you can check them out at the Trikke homepage.  Please take a moment to like Trikke on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Outdoor Fun For Kids

I am always on the look-out for things that offer outdoor fun for kids.  My family has been fortunate in that we are on a small street that is a dead end, so the kids can ride in safety.  When I was offered to review the T7F from Trikke ($179.99), I was very intrigued. I had researched the Trikke product, but could not wait to see it in action.  I was told there was a video to assist you in putting the T7F together but my husband refused to watch it.  It was a bit comical to hear the grunts and mutterings coming from the kitchen!  This Trikke is so awesome!!  It is really cool to see and riding it is more than fun it is super-duper fun!  The kids could not wait to take it outside and test it out!  The handle bars are adjustable which is brilliant!  This way the entire family can ride the Trikke comfortably.  Henry has claimed the Trikke as his own (**he isn’t smiling in his picture as his lips were so chapped he could not smile**) and poor Caitlin has to beg him to allow her to ride it!  We haven’t bought a lock for it yet, so we keep it in the kitchen.  As you can see from the picture, not only is the Trikke fun to ride but it is a practical item to use in the kitchen!!  Hee Hee!!  We absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Trikke and I know we will get many years of fun with our T7F!

Please take a moment to visit the Trikke : Give a kid a Trikke 3CV.  This event is to support autism, which is very dear to me as my son Henry has autism.

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