Do You Prefer Artificial Or Live Christmas Trees?

Christmas may be the season of goodwill, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t last all year. In fact, those who profit from the art of the steal are usually back on the job straight after the festivities stop. The simple fact is that there is more opportunity for a big haul from homes after Christmas and the New Year as people now have brand new, and often expensive, things in their homes. The loss of the presents you have bought for and received from your family is not only heartbreaking, it could also break the bank with replacements (an average of $882 according to the American Research Group). This is why you should be extra careful after the Christmas period, and here are a few tips to help you avoid the New Year criminal bonanza.

Out of Sight

Too many people seem to want to show the world the extensive presents they have received, and though you may be proud of the love you have shown your family through your wallet or purse, you should never advertise the gifts to the world. In fact, you should be hiding the presents away from sight. Out of sight is out of mind, and keeps you under the criminal radar, so pack your new items away where they should be.

Unusual Visitors

You may find more people knocking your door through the festive days, especially as carol singers and charities are so active, but you should be very careful about whom you allow into your home. Burglars will use many excuses to gain access to your home to see if there is anything worth stealing, and will also be looking for ways to enter with ease. Only allow people with credentials in, and if you are in any doubt, refuse entry and hospitality.

Lock It Up

You should not need telling, but some of you probably do. Keep your doors and windows locked at all times. It is tempting to leave windows open for fresh air, and it is easy to forget to lock all the doors, but if you get yourself into a security regime through the year, it will become second nature to keep your home safe and locked up. If your locks are looking a bit old, make sure you visit a site like and choose locks that are suitable for your use and home. Old locks can be useless, so keep them in working order.

Fit an Alarm

It is possible to fit your own burglar alarm, but for real security you should have one professionally fitted. The cost is not too high when you consider the money you could lose through theft, and you will have the added bonus of security all year round. Make sure that the fact that you have an alarm is obvious to all passersby, that the alarm is tamper proof to any would be robber, and that is always in perfect working order. Having your alarm fitted now will mean your belongings are safe all year round, and it could keep you secure for years to come.

Why risk the possibility of a break in and losing your Christmas and New Year presents? Especially when, using these simple tips, you can stop your home from becoming an easy target for criminals. Use these tips, and make sure that you get to keep the presents your loved ones have bought for you.