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December is upon us and while it is the most festive time of the year, it is also the busiest time of year for most of us. If we’re not traveling to see our family, then maybe they’re traveling to see you or maybe you’re all together already. It doesn’t really matter because it’s the holidays. There will be online shopping, there will be retail store shopping, there will be nights out and there will be dinners with family and friends. It can be easy to lose track of what your spending and of course you don’t want to make people wait for you to pay your share group outings or gifts. Regions Bank has just what you need with Online Banking and 4 easy ways to pay during the holiday season.


4 Easy Ways To Pay During The Holidays

  1. Visa Checkout: The easiest way to make purchases online. When you sign up for Visa Checkout you no longer have to fill out forms to make your online purchases at participating merchants. It’s compatible with PC’s, tablets and smartphones. It gives one click access to your stored cards and provides security to protect your information. It also allows you to load non Visa cards into the system.
  2. Apple Pay®Apple Pay® allows you to store your Region’s card information on any Apple device enabled with Apple pay. It is super easy to set up and allows you to make contactless purchases at participating merchants. Just use the Touch Id and place it near the merchants card reader to authorize and complete your transaction.
  3. Android Pay™: Android Pay™ also allows you to store your Regions payment info for ease of payment. Instead of sending your actual card number to the merchant with your payment, Android Pay™ uses a virtual account number to represent your account information. Just look for the contactless terminals and pay with just a tap of your Android™ device.
  4. Regions Personal Pay®: This is the ultimate online way to send money for dinners with family and friends during the holidays or long distance gifts. Regions Personal Pay® is powered by Popmoney®, linking over 2,400 banks and 56 million registered users. A low $1 fee for each transaction and the money arrives in as little as a few business days. Send money with an email, mobile number or account number. The recipient will receive an email or text notification of the money being sent. Once they register with Popmoney®, it will work with their bank to place the money in their account. There is no fee receive funds.

When it’s this easy it’s hard to understand why you wouldn’t to get on board with this. No more fumbling for your cards or searching for your wallet while you are shopping in a mall or at home. I know you always have your smartphone and now that’s all you need. Get to your local Regions Bank and get started today. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

What awesome holiday family traditions are you looking forward to?