The warm weather days of summer are long behind us now, and we find ourselves in the thick of autumn and too quickly approaching the dreaded cold of winter. You might need to clean your drawers and closest out from the tank tops, shorts, and lighter and more airy clothing, only to make room for the thick sweaters, boots, and jackets that accompany cooler weather. Some people dread this seasonal changing of the guard, and most are unprepared to bear the cold weather with their current wardrobes. Do yourself a favor and take stock of your current warm weather inventory, and make a list of the items you need and simply cannot do without this autumn. There are plenty of ways to save money on those items, while at the same time buying all the necessary essentials for staying warm and looking good while doing it.

  1. Having the Right Coat Does Wonders: Often times you can skip most of the essentials just by having the right type of jacket! When you are inside your home or office, chances are the heat is on and you are warm and toasty. It’s the few times you are outside that you need the appropriate coat or jacket to keep you warm, and hopefully look stylish while at it. The perfect autumn and winter coat is the superdry arc bridge coat! Wool coat is warm enough for the winter and breathable enough for the autumn air. It comes equipped with two front pockets for that added flair and style, while also coming with an internal pocket for conventional use. Do yourself a favor and go purchase one now.
  1. The Right Pair of Shoes: Consumers mistakenly think they have to give up fashion and style in order to be functional. This myth often comes about when discussing shoes for autumn and winter. Truth be told, you can wear the same fashionable shoes all year round, as long as they come with a few nifty functional features that make then year-round footwear. Make sure they have soft soles with some cushion and give within them. After all, these are on your feet all day every day, they better be comfortable in addition to fashionable. Also, make sure they are waterproof! The is the single most important aspect of buying a pair of year round functional shoes. You don’t want to buy a pair that are susceptible to leaks and water damage.
  1. Headwear: I find that too often people forget about addressing headwear needs when thinking about both function and fashion. While wearing a baseball cap might be the “cool” thing to do when attending a sporting even, or a night out with friends, it doesn’t fit in with business casual attire nor does it do much to keep your head warm. A solid color, knitted stocking/cap is precisely the sort of attire you need for this time of year. Not only are they stylish and go with just about anything in your wardrobe, but they cover both the head and ears appropriately.
  1. Don’t Forget the Clothing Accessories! Autumn is all about the cozy things in life. Try and keep that in mind as you go shopping and look out for small item’s of clothing that could add detail to your clothes. You don’t need to be stuck inside by the warmth of a fire to be cozy, accessorizing the right way can mean you are cozy anywhere you go. This could include a fluffy scarf, warm gloves, or even keeping some hand warmers spare for those crisp cold evenings. Whatever you decide to choose, think about what will make you look good, while keeping you warm simultaneously.