There are few things as rewarding as sharing your time and the things you love with you children. Not only does it create a stronger bond, it allows you to feel like a kid again as you share in their excitement. Here a few of my favorite activities that I like to do with my family that make for high quality family time.


5 Fun Things For Quality Family Time

  1. Live Performances: It doesn’t matter if it’s broadway, concerts or just some good down home live theater. Taking your kids to these types of performances will broaden their horizons and open up a whole new world of entertainment for them to enjoy.
  2. The Beach: The Beach provides a multitude of opportunities for your family entertainment. You can fish, swim, boat or even just play games and build sand castles. Whatever you decide to do, there is no doubt that many a great memory will be made at the beach.
  3. Living Exhibits: Nothing says quality family time like learning new things together. These types of exhibits are great for giving children the opportunity to see or touch things that they may not have the chance to see any other way. Whether it is a zoo, an aquarium or even better yet a live educational exhibit, it will give them wonderful memories that they will carry throughout their lifetime.
  4. Game Nights: Game night are an awesome way to bring the family together for some amazing fun times. They can foster a little bit of healthy competition and make for great laughs and memories. To keep it interesting, alternate who  gets to pick the game for each night and everyone will get to play the games they love.
  5. Music and Movies: What parent doesn’t want to share the music and movies from there childhood with their own children. It creates a special link between them and helps to those classic songs and movies live on with the next generation. Nobody make it easier to share your favorite movies and music than Netflix with their new children’s series Beat Bugs.

young family at homeNetflix’s new show Beat Bugs, featured in the month of August, will let you reconnect with your musical inner child and share the songs that you grew up with in a way that will be a blast for you both. The music from show is inspired by the Beatles and is recorded by some of today’s  top artists like Eddie Vedder, Jennifer Hudson and Pink. Get ready to rock out to songs like “All You Need Is Love” and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. In no time at all you and your little minions will be forming your own little rock band. A few other little Netflix gems that are debuting this month that you and the little ones are sure to enjoy together are “Ask The Story Bots” and “Dawn of  The Croods“.

What are favorite things from childhood that you want to share with your kids?