planeGetting to your destinations by air is the fastest and most convenient way, nowadays. You can save some bucks, travel fast and it also provides safety. But concerns are you are making a number of mistakes during your air travel. These mistakes hit your wallet hard and they may not seem a big deal at the time, but when they are multiplied over several tips or across a family of 4-5 people- they add up fast. You need to be wise in this regard and we are sharing some best ways to get to your destinations safe and sound without spending more than necessary.

Not Considering Alternate Airports

Most of the smaller and mid-sized cities have one or two airports and the residents have to travel through the provided services. But if you are living in bigger cities and metropolises, you will have a plenty of options and many air travel services work. Be sure to check rates of each service. Considering lesser-used airports will save you some money and this way you will be saving more for your frequent visits. But it’s also important to consider your transportation from airport to your next destination. It shouldn’t be like that you saved a few bucks but were overcharged or had to pay extra for your pick from airport to your final place.

Packing More Than You Need

Some airports let you go with two-free checked bags but packing light really pays off at the end. You must only have the necessary luggage and packing more than your needs adds to your expenses. Although it might sound a bit crazy, other major airlines charge you to check your luggage. The best way is to pack everything you need in a single bag. Articles more than your need add to make a lot of burden for you and you will be facing problems once your land. The cabs or taxis will be an extra burden in case you have packed more than you need.

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Purchasing Airplane Food

Most of the airlines used to offer food with tickets so showing up hungry was acceptable in that case. But this isn’t the case anymore and getting food on airplanes will cost you a lot. The best way to avoid this mistake easily is to buy your own food before you get into the airplane. In case you have to purchase airport food, have a look at the menu and get some items if they fit into your needs. Satisfy your hunger without paying a sky-high markup by making a quick trip to Wal-Mart before your trip.

Not Being Flexible With Travel Dates

This is a very important point that most of the travelers forget. Reconsider your travel dates as the airlines offer special discounts or reduces prices for certain days. For example, FareCompare CEO you can save 10 percent to 40 percent per ticket by flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. Traffic is heavier on Monday, Friday and Sunday — Thursday is neutral — and airlines offer cheaper rates to fly on days of the week with lower traffic. Both of your going and coming dates are vital and you should be picking a day when the fares are low. Make sure to follow this rule and you will save hundreds of dollars over your trips.

Paying for In-Flight Entertainment

Air travel can be boring unless you have something to keep you busy. You will get complimentary entertainment on some flights but others need to swipe your cards. This isn’t the right time and place to use your cards but prepare to swipe for other needs. On some flights, you will have to charge $6 to $10 for the entertainment and to download movies. You should not forget that there are so many free movies available on Google Play Store. Even grabbing a magazine from the airport terminal can be cheaper than purchasing in-flight entertainment. It may only save you a dollar or two, but that still adds up across several family members or multiple trips.