With the global success of Minecraft, a new era of gaming is upon us. Single-player adventure titles have been surpassed in popularity by 3D sandbox games. The term “sandbox” comes from its real-world counterpart—in a virtual sandbox environment, gamers dig, move, and customize the world around them. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly, fun MMO (massively multiplayer online) game experience, consider the many benefits of Kogama:kogamagames2


  1. Choices: Known as “The Social Builder,” Kogama offers highly interactive, infinitely customizable games. Within the open world, your children—and you—can engage in countless activities when visiting Poki.com. There’s racing, flying, exploring, and much more. And that’s because Kogama isn’t just one game; there are hundreds of Kogama games, each with similar controls in a 3D world. For fast action, try racing with Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera from Cars 2. Or, you can fly futuristic jets and hovercraft in a unique high-speed competition. If your children enjoy Pokemon or the Minions movies, there are aptly themed Kogama games for those, too. In fact, there are so many options that basically every genre is available. Younger players can explore a happy village filled with cute characters, and older gamers can use their wits to escape from a 3D castle.
  2. Shared Joy: Educational video games aren’t just for kids, nor are titles with cutting-edge technology only for adults. The experiences, opportunities, and challenges in the Kogama universe are available to players of all ages. The action can be fast and competitive, or relaxing and simple—it simply depends on which worlds you want to explore. This open-ended gaming experience gives your kids a safe, rewarding way to play with or without their parents. So play Kogama games on Poki, and join the craze that’s fun for children and adults. kogamagames1
  3. Education: Playing video games can be a truly educational experience. The majority of Kogama games require problem-solving skills and teamwork. Gamers can work on logic challenges, practice math, and learn how to showcase their creativity. There are many different worlds to explore, and all of them can be beneficial to your child’s development. Flying, driving, and hopping through 3D environments require hand-eye coordination. Kogama games promote the use of fine motor skills to score points and collect virtual currency. Players will learn how to react quickly, think on their virtual feet, and develop other skills that are just as useful in the real world. Even further, Kogama users can learn to program code and build their own environments.
  4. Socialization: Multiplayer games offer a unique type of social interaction. In Kogama games, the emphasis is on teamwork, not violence. There are different adventures that feature 2-player, 4-player, and even 20-player team matchups. Teammates might go on a treasure hunt for silver cubes or collect gold stars. Through the chat interface, players can discuss strategies and help each other earn more points. This type of gameplay is much more positive than the violent games that often make the news (e.g. Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Battlefield). Teambuilding is an often overlooked part of gaming. In many console video games, players simply join a random group, play, and leave. Kogama provides the chance to bond with teammates and become a true team. Through gameplay and design collaboration, players are able to enjoy a much more rewarding experience.
  5. Safety: Monitoring our children’s social interactions, especially on the Internet, can be a real source of worry. Kogama offers several layers of protection to ensure the safety of its players. For instance, chat rooms are reserved for registered users, and their content is filtered. When a message is submitted, an automatic filter prevents negativity (i.e. profanity, hate speech) from being sent. Also, the registration process prevents non-members from simply entering a chat room and causing trouble. As an added bonus, a team of moderators monitors all player-created content to ban anything inappropriate.

The Kogama website also offers security tips for parents and kids. For instance, Kogama warns against sharing any personal information, including real names, addresses, and phone numbers. They also promote politeness and being kind to other players. If gamers encounter offensive content, they are encouraged to report it directly to Kogama.