Springtime is here and as the days get brighter and longer, the urge to do some spring cleaning is at hand. Why not take the opportunity to freshen the home with some new decor as well.

  1. Refresh the Paint: A gallon of pain along an accent wall can create more space and freshness in a room and direct sunlight in an otherwise darker location. Even freshening up shelves and cabinets in the kitchen can add the spring light touch you need
  2. Easy Accents: Fresh plants in a home using items you have around can create a springtime indoors before your outdoor garden blooms. A small birdbath or decorative dish can hold just enough soil to make a pretty display of mix of herbs, spring-flowering bulbs, and pussy willow branches.
  3. The Ombre Effect: Refresh a filing cabinet, spare dresser or nightstand with a fun ombre paint effect. You can vary the brightness of a soft spring paint shade by mixing in different amounts of white paint. Apply the lightest shade to the top of your furniture piece, and gradually work down to the darkest shade. This subtle effect with bring you through the spring into the summer.
  4. Change the Scenery: Window dressing say a lot about a house.  Changing from draperies to light and breezy sheers can transform a room from winter comfort to springtime joy!  Changing bedding and accent pillows to reflect sunny, bright and breezy days help lighten the area and create a space made for springtime fun.
  5. Scents and Candles:  Adding some soft lighting with some fresh scents make a huge difference with some small added touches. DecoBREEZE, one of the U.S.’s fastest growing home décor companies, announced the launch of its new Modern collection of candles. Available in new styles and fragrances, we used the Bamboo Lotus Candle, which contains notes of bamboo and lotus, balanced with lily, hyacinth, pink rose, white gardenia, green leaves, and a touch of spice in our bathroom and created a little spot of heaven.  In the dining room the Geo-Mod Bronze Ceramic Honey Bourbon Candle ­with hints of orange marmalade, tamarind, and honey infused with bourbon and clove created the fun art deco pieces to my table.