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5 Easy Ways To Use Technology In Classrooms

Of course I take a huge interest in my kids’ education and I have a lot of teacher friends, so I like to stay abreast of current classroom happenings. The fairly new practice of using technology in the classroom is definitely on the rise. When integrating technology in classrooms, one of the worries is that the devices might be more of a distraction than the helpful tools they were meant to be. Another potential roadblock is that some old school teachers can be intimidated by the newest innovations in technology. These days, students can easily take virtual tours, go on web quests, or virtually sit in on a class halfway around the world. The implications are far reaching and could eventually change the face of education as we know it. In case you might think it’s too difficult or complicated, check out these easy ways to use technology in classrooms.

Integrating Technology in Classrooms

  1. Listen to a Podcast: For example, start simple with a simple search to find a Podcast interview with a favorite author and watch it together as a class. Advanced version example would be to have students create their own Podcasts to track their progress throughout the year or semester.
  2. Supplement Lessons: After you have lectured on a topic, a simple search for sound bites, photos or videos on the subject can do a lot for student engagement. The advanced version could include having your students make their own videos or photo montage and add them to a class blog.
  3. Use PowerPoint: Make a traditional lecture more interesting by adding the visual component. Some learners are visual learners, so this addition can be invaluable to those students. The advanced version would be to teach students to make their own multimedia presentations to turn in for a grade and share with the class.
  4. Try a Webquest: A webquest is just a fancy word for online information gathering organized according to topic. For example, if your students are learning about civil rights, they can do a webquest to gather facts. There are many many existing webquests online, so it would be very simple to just assign an existing one. The advanced version would be to do the research and write your own.
  5. Use a class iPad: If your budget doesn’t stack up to the cost of iPads for everyone, you can easily share one with the entire class. There are apps available that will allow you to project the screen image onto a white board, or there is always the old fashioned taking turns method. The advanced version would be to apply for online grants with funds matching to provide individual devices for your entire class, or you could luck out and be the one to win the Best Buy sweepstakes $25,000.00 grand prize to transform your whole school! You can also win other great prizes, like a $2500.00 gift card or a Surface Pro tablet.

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