As homeowners, we are always trying to figure out the best ways to maintain our homes while getting maximum value out of every dollar. While the cost effective alternatives often seem like too big of a one-time expense, and the long-term monetary benefits often can’t be seen or understood, the truth is quite the opposite. With most home mortgages in the 30-year range, you have to think long term. The money you would save over just 10 years by implementing these 5 eco-conscious tips for homeowners, would far exceed the amount of money you think you saved by not making the smart investment. Implement these changes with your own plan in mind, as every home is unique, and watch the savings start to roll in.


  5 Tips For Homeowners

  1. Water Management: Setting timers for your irrigation systems is a huge water saver. Lawns don’t need to be watered every day, nor do they need as much water as you think. Installing low volume water appliances and tankless water heaters will save you many gallons.
  2. Insulated Windows and Doors: Window and door technology has come a long way in recent years. The two-paned insulated windows of today far exceed the single panes of yesteryear in temperature control and impact resistance.
  3. Solar Panels: The sun is our most abundant source of  free natural energy. It just seems foolish not to take advantage of it.
  4. Energy Efficient Appliances: Modern appliances aren’t the energy hogs that the old school ones are. They can do everything they used to do and more for a fraction of the energy.
  5. Smart Lighting: Leaving your lights on when not being used seem to be one of the most common culprits in our energy-wasting habits. Installing smart lights, such as the GE Enbrighten, is a great way so cut down the bill and save time and money on excessive replacement bulbs.

The new Enbrighten Lights are the perfect night-time lighting solution. Using light sensing technology, They can be set to come on at dusk and off at dawn. they also have motion sensing technology that allows them go off when there is no movement in the area. They come in three styles. The free standing battery operated model, the outlet adapter, and the weatherproof lantern. Available at Jasco Products, as well as various other online retailers and home improvement stores. Reasonably priced from $24.99 to $39.99 depending on the model. If you want to know more about Jasco Products innovative technologies, connect with them through social media at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.

What’s your eco-friendly money saving habit that you think others would benefit from? 


  1. All the tips for eco-conscious homeowners are excellent. I think one of the tips that you could see your investment more quickly than the others is the insulated doors and windows, because I think you would notice a difference in your electric bills real soon thereafter.

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