kitchen feng shuiIn the art of Feng Shui, the kitchen is an essential room in your house. It fuels the energy force of wealth governed by the fire element. because it represents the element of fire, which, in turn, fuels the energy force that activates wealth.

5 elements of feng shuiThink of it like this. The energy in your home is fed from the kitchen. What you prepare in this kitchen directly translates into the food you eat. A chaotic, messy kitchen creates a chaotic, messy life.

“Food will pick up the vibration of where and how it was grown, the store where it was sold, the pantry where it was kept, the kitchen it was prepared in, and the energy of the cook who prepared it. If it picks up the vibration of pesticides, a dirty or chaotic kitchen, or a frustrated, burnt-out or angry cook, it will be spiritually and energetically depleted long before it reaches your table or stomach.”

The stove is the hearth of the kitchen; therefore the hearth of the house.

diy feng shui kitchenUtilizing these 5 cures for your stove can help to bring prosperity, happiness and harmony in your home.

  1. Location is everything: The stove is of the fire element, so you should have it in a location compatible with fire energy. The best location is usually South or Southwest.
  2. Keep the stove clean & functional: Cleanliness is next to godliness and allows energy to flow freely and completely without getting blocked. I keep my stove clean with specialty cleaner designed for my cooktop, affresh® Cooktop Cleaning Wipesaffresh feng shui stoveI love the double-sided usage with a scrubber for the tough cooked on spots that affresh cooktop cleaning wipes have. The other side allows you to clean your cooktop with a streak-free finish when used as directed. With so many things to worry about these days, the satisfaction of a job well done by the right product for the job makes life a bit easier.The wipes are pretty simple to use.
    1. REMOVE wipe from pouch. Reseal.
    2. Glass/Ceramic Cooktop:  WIPE on glass or ceramic cooktop surface. Use the textured side to scrub away daily surface residues. Smooth side should be used to polish.
    3. WIPE with soft, dry cloth.
    4. DISPOSE of wipe when finished. Do not flush.
    5. ENJOY a clean, polished shine
  3. Color is important: Your kitchen as a whole should avoid the colors red and black because the colors represent fire. The stove is fire and fire on fire is well, too much fire for one kitchen.

By following these 5 tips, you are on the path to better Feng Shui and more abundance in your life. You can also read more tips on Feng Shui on this blog’s upcoming series.