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5 Focus Is Not Your Typical Midday Pick Me Up

Lots of us “punch the clock” at a job to get our 40 hours in every week. We get up, grab our coffee and breakfast to go and head to our job. For many of us, the morning tends to go by pretty quickly and lunch is here before we know it. After we get out belly full, we seem to get a second wind. This puts us on track for the projects that lay ahead of us for the rest of the day. Just when we think we can make it through until the whistle blows at 5 o’clock, we seem to hit the proverbial brick wall around 3:00 or so. Some of us grab a coffee drink of some sort that will cost us close to 5 bucks. If you are not a coffee drinker, you may get a soda filled with sugar or a caffeine filled energy drink. Instead, why not try to Find Your Focus™ with something that is not your typical midday pick me up. Try 5® Focus™ Gum, with its intense mint hit, you will awaken your mind and Stimulate your senses® – 5® Focus™, from Wrigley’s.

Midday Pick Me Up

The Wrigley company is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the confections industry They offer a huge range of products including gum, mints, hard and chewy candies, and lollipops. They have operations in almost 50 countries and distribute to more than 180 countries.  Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Wrigley employs about 17,000 worldwide, and operates as a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. The company has been bringing smiles to faces of the young and old for many years and are always finding new ways to do that for their customers.

If you have ever had that time during your day when you need a midday pick me up, you are not alone! There you are, trying to stay focused while your mind wanders away to another, more fun place. Now, instead of reaching for that expensive coffee or sugary or caffeinated drink, you can chew a piece 5® Focus™ – a new eye-opening mint gum. Are you not working at a job but are trying to pay attention in class? Well now Chewing gum in the library is allowed – try 5® Focus 5 Gum to shake off that groggy feeling. 5® Focus™ Gum comes in two mind awakening flavors, spearmint and peppermint. If I have been typing for too long and my eyes are starting to glaze over, I reach for a piece of spearmint 5® Focus™ Gum from the handy resalable 15 piece pouch. This convenient bag is perfect for the office, home, or where ever else you may need to bring along a little pick-me-up. Be sure to visit CVS Savings Central for huge savings on your favorite flavor of 5® Focus™ Gum.

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