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5 Fun Facts About The Angry Birds Game

The Angry Birds game is one of the most popular and addictive games of all time! People everywhere are playing the Angry Birds game on their smartphone, tablet, iPad and online. You will see people playing it while waiting to catch a plane, for their dental appointment or probably in the car pool lane at school! I am sure the folks over at Rovio Mobiles, who created the game, are as surprised as the rest of us at how the game took off. What you may not know is some of the history and fun factoids surrounding the game. For you, I have compiled a few for your enjoyment!

5 Things You May Not Know About The Angry Birds Game

  1. Popularity: The Angry Birds game is the 4th on the world’s most addictive list of all time.
  2. Development Cost: While the average video game app can cost more than $1 million, angry birds was developed for just over $106,000.
  3. Concept Idea: The pig was decided upon as the Bird’s enemy because there was a Swine Flu outbreak during the time the game was being developed!
  4. Sales: The sales of the app on the iPad alone is over 7 million! This does not count for apps from android and other available arenas.
  5. Characters: The most popular Angry Bird character is either the Black for his power to blow things up or the Yellow for his speed.

My family was sent the Angry Birds Go! Jenga Pirate Pig Attack Game from Hasbro Toys , which is available at Toys R Us, Amazon and other retailers for $29.99. The game has a pirate theme, which my boys love, so winner winner chicken dinner on point one! The game is fast paced, has you loading and launching the pigs and attacking the mean old pirate ship. The aim of the game is to knock off the birds who are on their perches on the ship. Once you have overcome and knock down the ship, you have won the game. If you have an angry birds game fan in your house, they will really appreciate and enjoy this game.

Which of the Angry Birds is your favorite character and why?


  1. The Blue Bird is my granddaughter’s favorite..she says he’s cool beause if she gets stuck or in trouble he splits into threes! She also loves anything blue!

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