Congrats! You’ll soon be on your way to the altar. Besides being a very special day for you, it’s also a great day for your bridesmaids. Why? They get to celebrate the day you’ve all been dreaming about together! This means it’s time for celebration, confetti, party favors, and lots of fun and joy.

Among all the wedding preparation, you might be wondering how you can make the day extra special for not only you but for your bridesmaids too. To help, here is a list of 5 unique and memorable gifts you can give your bridesmaid ensemble.

  1. Personalized Wine Bottle: Everyone loves wine. Why not give your bridesmaid the perfect gift with a personalized wine bottle in the flavor of their choice? Figuring out what flavor wine they like the most might take some researching around, but once that’s done you can get their favorite bottle, rip off the tag, and either print out or create your own new label complete with their name! To add an extra personal touch, you can wrap it in tulle or personalized gift paper with a bow to make the gift that much special.
  2. Pocket MirrorPocket mirrors are the perfect on the go accessory that every woman needs in her purse. It’ll surely be a gift that won’t go unnoticed. Mirrors are a girl’s best friend and will certainly be useful, memorable, and cherished as a nice little thoughtful gift. You can buy pocket mirrors at almost any general store and take the time to personalize them yourself, or you can buy them already personalized online. There is no end to the creative angles you can take!
  3. A Bridesmaid RobeIf you’re still out of ideas on what to give your bridesmaids, consider bridesmaid robes to complement their gift basket. It’ll be the highlight of their goody bags and it’s an item they’re sure to use. You can even take it as far as personalizing them with their own names on the back! Robes are perfect because they are usable, cosy, and unusual gifts. I mean, when was the last time you received a beautiful robe as a present? You can even go as far as choosing a personalized robe color or pattern according to each maid’s personality. To top it all off, neatly fold each robe and wrap it with a silk bow for an extra special touch!
  4. Engraved Water BottleEveryone uses water bottles in their day to day life. Whether it’s to carry it to a kid’s sporting event, to the beach, or to that very long conference. Why not give them something they’ll use and personalize their water bottles? That way, you can can give them something both memorable and useful. There are many ways to personalize your water bottles, some easier than others. You can choose to buy sticky monogram letters to add their name to the water bottles, or you can have them professionally engraved.
  5. Spa Gift CardAh, the spa. You really can’t go wrong with this one. I mean, who doesn’t want to receive a paid spa trip from their best friend that they’ll thoroughly enjoy? Your spa gift card can be anything from a mani or pedi, a full body massage, or even a haircut and blowout session. It’s entirely up to you. Spa memberships are easy to find, and they can even be discounted if you go out of your way to look for coupons or buy spa gift cards in bulk! Your bridesmaids are sure to love you for this particular gift and it’s sure to be something they’ll never forget.

It’s The Thought That Matters

It’s always great to celebrate special days together. It’s even better when you get to share pleasant surprises like personalized and unforgettable gifts. But remember, it’s the thought that matters.

When celebrating with your bridesmaids, it isn’t necessarily about how you can give them the most expensive gift but rather how can you give them something meaningful? Hopefully these ideas helped you out.