The most arbitrary non-descript locations on earth can be made tourist destinations overnight simply by being featured or used in movies or tv series. A recent example is the exterior of the house of Walter White. The current owners say they see people constantly driving past or taking photos in front of. Almost any city in American will have their claim to fame when it comes to iconic scenes being shot there, and Houston is no different. Let’s have a look at some of the most iconic scenes that have been shot right in Houston.

Robocop 2

Filmed in 1990, the movie itself might have been set in Detroit, Michigan but that didn’t stop the location scouts from finding most of the locations in Houston better for filming. Iconic locations used in this movie are the Murphy’s home (located at 118 McDuffie Street) and the Wortham Theater Center – which played home to The Civic Centrum during the movie. Various other locations around town were also used during filming.

Independence Day

There’s a scene in Independence Day where Houston becomes one of many cities to get pulverized and almost completely destroyed by an alien invasion. The movie filmed various parts and areas of Houston to create the scene, which forms part of one of the most iconic series of shots in the 1996 Will Smith Classic. It probably took a few production companies in Houston TX to get so much footage of the city!


This 1997 biographical film starring Jenifer Lopez as Selena, a Texan singer who died at the age of 23. The opening few moments of the movie shows the Houston Aerodrome host an enormous crowd (by some counts upwards of 65,000 people) with Jenifer Lopez on stage playing the iconic Texan songstress.


Perhaps one of the most well known and acclaimed movies on this list, and a must-watch for space nerds and disaster movie fans alike, Armageddon also features scenes filmed in Houston. It’s not alone amongst the space movies to be filmed in Houston, almost entirely thanks to the NASA offices and Johnson Space Center’s presence in the city. You can add Apollo 13 and Space Cowboys to that list. Perhaps the most memorable scene shot in Houston, however, was shot at Ellington Air Force Base – the same scene where the iconic song “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” plays too.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The newest entry into our list is the 2011 Michael Bay movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which made Houston the location for several its scenes. Unsurprisingly, this one also features the Johnson Space Center, but this time it’s Shia LaBeouf and the rest of the cast who make their appearance on the streets of Houston.

Did you know about any of these scenes being shot in Houston? It’s incredible what a huge role the locations and sets play in movies and how much work goes into finding just the right location for that crucial shot or scene from a movie.