wireless speakerI have been called a fanatic about music and that is totally OK with me! My mom was a lounge singer and listened to all kinds of music when we were growing up. I have passed that love on to both of my kids, which makes me feel great. I listen to music when I study, clean the house work, am in the car and anywhere else I possibly can. As I write this post, I am listening to my 10 year old son sing at the top of her lungs while he does his Spanish homework! The only way I am able to listen to my music anywhere I go, is with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. I love I was able to cut the cords which kept me tied down when I wanted to listen to music. I also hated the bulky, heavy and not so great sounding computer speaker available. If you are on the fence about purchasing a wireless Bluetooth speaker for yourself, let me give you 5 reasons you should make it happen!

5 Reasons To Own Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Portability: I think the main reason I love wireless Bluetooth speakers is they are so portable. You can literally take them anywhere including the car, camping, the pool, the backyard or anywhere you can think of.
  2. Lasting Battery: One reason these speakers work so well for most people is they have such a long life on their battery. Many speakers hold a charge from 3-10 hours.
  3. Sound: You may be surprised at how high the sound quality is from a portable Bluetooth speaker. May of these speakers are small, but they sound quality is not compromised.
  4. Size: Many of these speakers are small, some can even fit in the palm of your hand. That makes it super easy to snatch and go when you want sound on your adventure!
  5. Ease: Wireless Bluetooth speakers are super easy to use and are compatible with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device. This makes it great for someone like me who doesn’t want to remember which speakers work with which device.

wireless speakerWith G-TUBE’s IPX5-rated water resistance, it can get splashed from all angles without the worry of water damage, making it the perfect companion to take to the ocean, lake, pool or shower. It’s built with a tough housing structure, wrapped in a full steel grill with protective elastomer on the ends and middle, to protect it from everyday use. G-TUBE also has a convenient metal loop so it can hook onto a carabiner or lanyard and hang from a tree branch, bag or backpack. It goes anywhere.

G-Tube is a company dedicated to evolving accessories for smart devices to be rugged and real-world effective, is growing its product line with the addition of G-TUBE, an super portable, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker designed for anywhere. Easily toss G-TUBE in a bag, strap it to a bike or hang it the shower for music aplenty. G-TUBE is available now for $40 at Target stores nationwide, Amazon.com and G-Project’s website.

What do you like best about wireless Bluetooth speakers?