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5 Reasons You Want To Get Your Kids A Range Rover

Every year around this time we start hearing about all the cool new toys and gadgets coming out and how they are going to be all the rage. Of course they will heavily market it in every way imaginable eventually making every kid want one. It’s Christmas and well, they are kids,so it’s perfectly natural. The job of the parent  is to sift through the masses of potential junk and find the gems that will really keep them happy. So here are my 5 reasons you want to get your kids a Land Rover.

Why You Want To Get Your Kids A Land Rover

  1. It’s A Range Rover: Normally that would be reason enough. I know it’s not a real Range Rover, but they don’t know that. I promise their eyes will light up like it was.
  2. Your Kid Will Be The Envy Of The Block: Every kid they pass going down the street on their inaugural tour of the neighborhood will be following along behind them like it’s the ice cream truck.
  3. They Can Cruise The Block In Style: Sure there will be other pint sized vehicles cruising the streets. There not Range Rovers though. The name alone says sophistication, style and elegance.
  4. You’ll Be the Cool Parents: Once the word gets out you will have the respect of all the neighborhood. It won’t be long before the parents start talking too.
  5. Keeping Up With Them Will Keep You In Shape: These min-autos have some nice get up and go. If you are going to let them run the streets outside of their normal boundaries follow along and get some quality time with them as well as your daily exercise.

As great gifts go the Range Rover by Avigo is right up there at the top of the list for awesomeness. Naturally the Range Rover Moniker gives it a little bit of a boost in prestige. Rest assured though that this bad boy is not just relying on its name alone to get your attention. Designed with the sleek lines and unmatched style that is associated with the name Range Rover this in nothing less than the mini-me of it’s full sized counterpart. It has cruising speeds of 4.5 mph both forwards and backwards controlled by foot pedals so they can keep both hands on the wheel like they’re supposed to and at those speeds you will definitely get your exercise keeping up with them. To add to the experience, the little drivers can also hook up a music device to listen to their favorite tunes through the standard sound system while out for a little joy ride. Combine all of this with some working doors, awesome start up sound effects and a fully functioning horn and you’ve got one sweet little ride for your kids. This great gift come ready to roll with a 12v battery and charging cable and is available at your local Toys”R”Us for the amazing price $399. Who would have ever thought that you could get a Range Rover at that price? Even if it is a pint sized version. So don’t hesitate. Get one now before they’re all gone and watch your child’s eyes light up like the north star when they wake up on Christmas morning.

You can see how it was put together fairly easily in my vine below.

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