5 Things To Do Before Taking A Family Road Trip

Spring break is just a few weeks away and my family is planning to hit the road. We have decided to visit my oldest daughter who lives in Atlanta. Luckily, that is just about a 4 hour drive, which is not too bad for any of us to endure. Although it is not a long trip, I still need to prepare as if it is. Henry gets extremely anxious when we take a road trip, so I need to be well planned to make the trip as smooth as possible. If you are hitting the road as well, here are a few things you may want to do before taking a family road trip:

5 Things You Need to Do When Taking A Family Road Trip

5 Things You Need to Do When Taking A Family Road Trip

  1. Make An Itinerary: Whether you have a few hours or a few days to drive, it is best to have an itinerary for your trip. You will want to find out the best route, the number of miles, how long the trip will take and any cool places to see along the way. Do not forget to factor in stops to stretch, let the kids blow off some steam and gas up.
  2. Bring Games To Play: Be sure to bring plenty of games the kids can play in the car. This includes cards, travel size board games like Sorry! or Monopoly, and road games like I Spy. I also include books, coloring supplies and Caitlin’s crafting and jewelry making kits.
  3. Snacks And Drinks: To save money and time stopping on the road, pack plenty of snacks and drinks. We bring a portable cooler and put juice boxes, bottles of water, fruit, pretzels and other healthy snacks inside. We keep it on the floor in the back, so the kids can just reach in and grab something when they are hungry or thirsty.
  4. Meal Stops: Even though we bring snacks and drinks, that does not replace a healthy meal. With our 4 hour drive, we usually eat breakfast at home and then eat lunch on the road. By the time we get to Chelsea’s, we are able to cook at her house, so we are able save money on food.
  5. Electronic Devices And Accessories: My kids, as well as myself, cannot leave the house without a plethora of electronic devices. We bring our phones, iPads and iPods, laptop, and handheld gaming systems. When we bring in all of these items, we can watch movies and videos, listen to music and play games and apps. If you are traveling with all of these devices, you better not leave the house without a portable charger like the Moonstone from Lepow.

Lepow Moonstone

I have been a fan of the products from Lepow for a few years now. I love their quality and affordability as well as their sleek and modern designs. We love our Moonstone Power Bank, which sells for $60 on Amazon. It is compact and portable and at just over 3″, it easily fits in the palm of your hand. It comes in 6 colors including the Apple Green I received and Glossy Black, Sky Blue, Rose Red and more. With its two output ports, you can quickly charge two devices at once, which is perfect for the kids. They just put the Moonstone between them in the car and they can each charge their device.

The Moonstone external battery power bank has 4 LED lights to let you know how charged it is and comes with a sturdy connecting cord and felt travel cover. To save energy, once you unplug your device, the Moonstone shuts off. It weighs less than 4 ounces, so you are not weighed down with a clunky battery to lug around. The Moonstone recharges in just a few hours and is compatible with virtually any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. You can also purchase 5 other power banks in varying sizes and capacities as well as their MODRE Bluetooth wireless speaker. One USA reader will win a Moonstone power bank in their choice of color.

What things do you do before taking a family road trip?


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