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5 Tips on Choosing a Comfortable Sports Bra

Suffering through a workout wearing the wrong type of bra is something almost every woman experiences until they are rescued by the support of a sports bra. The key to sports bra success is finding the right fit. The following five tips will help you choose the perfect sports bra for you!

1. Consider Your Cup Size

There are two common designs of sports bras when it comes to the cup area. The shelf bra is all one area with no separation involved. This style is best suited for girls and women that have a size A or B cup size who participate in low to moderate impact workouts.

The encapsulation style sports bra features individual cups. This design is best suited to support girls and women with large breast sizes that begin with a C cup and above.

2. Choose Wide Straps or Racerback

Wide straps are a similar design as a standard bra. The width of the straps distribute weight evenly and is an excellent option for girls and women with bigger cup sizes.

The strap design is your choice. The popular racerback option cinches in the back which brings the bra closer to the body providing more support compared to the wide strap option.

3. Choose Back Clasp or Pullover

Most women are familiar with the back clasp because it’s a standard feature on a standard everyday bra. When it comes to a sports bra, the back clasp is responsible for 70% of the support the bra provides. The back clasp style is important for larger breasts that naturally place more demand on the band and back clasp.

The pullover sports bra design covers the surface of the back more than the clasp style. This style better supports smaller breast sizes because it lacks the adjustability and straps needed to anchor larger breast sizes.

4. Find the Perfect Fit

A common error many consumers make when buying a sports bra is using a size that is too small and tight. Extreme tightness can interfere with blood circulation which is something you need to avoid, especially when exercising. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you can slide your index finger under the band area located between your breasts and pull. The best fit does not exceed one inch from your chest.

Many support bra designs are adjustable. Use the adjustable features to create a snug fit. During this process, you need to reach your arms overhead to make sure you can comfortably exercise with the sports bra. A common issue is the sports bra riding up and exposing the bottom portion of the breasts. If this happens to you, adjust the straps on the sports bra to see if it solves the problem or choose a larger size bra.

5. Find Your Comfort Level

You need to feel comfortable and confident in your sports bra. Once you determine the band, cup size and design of the sports bra it’s time to focus on the comfort level. If you aren’t comfortable in the bra, you will never get through your workout. Sports bras are made from a wide range of materials that are soft, durable and comfortable. Choose a material that is soft on your skin and doesn’t cause irritation during workouts. Luckily almost every sports bra has a comfortable fabric for you to choose from.

How to Care for Your Sports Bra

Once you find that special sports bra that perfectly fits you and suits your needs, you will never want to let it go. Taking good care of your bra will help extend its lifespan which means you will be able to use it longer than you expected. Every sports bra comes with cleaning instructions that need to be followed precisely. However, the following tips will also help you along the way.

* Heat breaks down spandex so make sure you allow your bra to air dry or use the tumble cycle on the dryer with a cool setting.

* Avoid using bleach or fabric softener to avoid damaging the fabric.

* Wash your sports bra in cold water to avoid shrinking.

Sports Bras Direct has a large selection you can choose from to ensure you find the best one suited for you. Remember to use the helpful tips listed above while choosing your next favorite sports bra!

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