Stay Organized As A Mom

Stay Organized As A Mom

With two active kids and a husband who works long hours, I need a way to stay organized as a mom.  I just don’t have a great memory that allows me to keep track of everything in my head!  I need to have concrete and simple ideas that will help me get my life in order.  One of my problems I have had with getting organized is that I don’t know where to start!  When you are trying to gather all the information you need for your entire family, it can get a bit overwhelming!   While I was looking for help to streamline my needs, I found some great tips to get organized.

  •  Get Rid Of The Clutter!!:  When trying to clean a room, the task can be very daunting and you may not even know where to start.  To make this fun, the kids and I write tasks on paper and crumbled them up and put them in a bowl.  We each pull a task and that was our job.  It is a fun way to clean while giving the kids and me some time to hang out.
  • Use A Timer:  When I have a room to clean, it gets me crazy knowing how long it will take. I started using a timer and set it for 15 minutes.  When the time is up, I know I didn’t clean the whole room but I do have a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Everything Should Have A Place: It drives me crazy when the kids come to me and say they can’t find something.  I am really anal about making sure everything has a place, because it makes it impossible to not know where something is.  So , for instance, we have a ton of game system cords and I put them in a box labeled “game cords”.  This makes finding things a no brainer and it makes cleaning easier as well.
  • Buy A Good Day Planner: For me,  I need to keep everyone’s schedules straight, and I do so with a day planner.  I have found that by entering and coding each schedule, it is clear, concise and easy to find.  The best day planner to use is a daily and monthly planner.  This works best for me and a great place to find planers, calendar and journals, is Dot.Mine.

Day Planner Organizer

Day Planner Organizer

When I was looking for a good day planner, I was hoping to find a company that offered more than just a daily planner.  I had other areas of my life I wanted to organize as well.  Dot.Mine is a company that was started by two clever women who found they needed to get their lives on track.  While on a business trip in London, Sarah and Lisa met by chance and soon discovered they wanted to ditch their sales jobs and go into business for themselves.  Here we are 12 years later, and Lisa and Sarah have built a great company that makes planning your life easily and fashionable!!  I received a collection of items to organize my life and they are awesome!!  I received:

  •  Life_Time Planner – $24.99:  This gorgeous leather bound 7”X9” journal will help you keep track of business and well as personal data.  There is a pocket in the back for important notes or papers and you have an area to take note of memorable family information ranging from the family reunion to your kid’s first recital!
  • Family_Time Planner – $19.99: This colorful 8.5”x11” planner has a durable plastic cover and a section for monthly and weekly activities as well as a master planner to cover them all.  You have fun anecdotes to shed some humor on your busy life and the perforated pages allow you to keep what’s important intact when you tear a page out.
  • Time_Mine Planner – $13.99: This handy 6”x9” planner will help you keep track of important information in style. This planer may be small but it has everything you need to stay organized with a planner that can fit into your purse or backpack easily.
  • Tiempo_Mio Planner – $13.99: This bilingual English/Spanish planner if perfect for that multi language speaker in your life.  This is a great planner like the Time_Mine Planner with dual headings.

I love the sturdy plastic covers and the funky designs.  There are several designs to choose from, so you are sure to find something you like.  The paper is not that cheap paper a lot of planners have.  I have thrown away my share of planners that ripped apart or the cover came off.  Not these books!  They are not going to get ruined while under your watch!!  The Life_Time Planner is really nice and it would make a great baby gift for a new mom or mom to-be.  This will help her organize all of the important dates and milestones for her baby.  If you are looking for cute organizers that are made well, Dot.Mine is a great place to look!

In honor of October being Breast Cancer awareness month, one reader will win the Elle’s pick from the Family_Timer Planner section ($19.99)


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  1. I love the Camelia, Camelia. I’m a new mommy and I love planners and school supplies ( I am also a teacher). I am kind of a really organized hoarder.

  2. I like the Purple Pebbles because it has so many different ways to keep track of your information and schedules

  3. I like the Moor Pink family time planner as well. I have to use a planner of some sorts, at all times like you do, its the only way that I can get everything done and everyone where they need to be without forgetting something or someone

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