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5 Tips to Helping a Loved one with an Addiction

Having someone you love struggling with an addiction can be very hard especially if you understand the kind of struggle that they are going through. The one thing that most people want to do is help, however, the problem is that most people do not know where to start. There are different kinds of addictions, however, and the addiction calls for help but such help may vary based on the problem. Addiction to heroin can take a toll on the addicted person and that’s why helping them becomes very important.

  1. Find professional help

There are different levels of addiction and there are professionals who are well equipped to help the person with the addiction. This means that it is important to help your loved one find a good professional who will help them with the addiction. It is important to find a professional who has specialized in that kind of addiction. If it’s a drug addiction then there are professionals who have specialized in helping a drug addict.

  1. Love Them

The next best thing that you can help your loved one who is addicted is to show them, love. The reason for this is that most of them tend to feel a sense of abandonment. The person is addicted need to feel loved and a sense of belonging if they are to overcome the addiction.  Try as much as possible to stand with them and give them all the support they need.

  1. Look for a support network

The other way that you can help your loved one when they are addicted is to help them find a support network. This is a network of people who are struggling with the same addiction. Knowing that you are not alone is one way the addicted a person can draw strength and encouragement to work through the addiction. The support group allows for the addicted person to talk through the issues they face, the challenges and ways in which they can stay addiction free.

  1. Set Boundaries

Loving the person addicted and giving them support is important. However, it is also important to set boundaries. The boundary includes making sure you know how much help you need to give them. In case of financial help, you need you set boundary how much you give them because you should not be giving them money to advance their addiction.  The other this is in case they are needy then you can set boundaries to what they can and can’t have and even love them from a distance.

  1. Have realistic expectations

When we have a loved one struggling with addiction the only thing that we want is for them to get over the addiction as fast as possible. However, one needs to have realistic expectations. This is to say that the change will not happen overnight and one needs to be patient.  Having realistic expectations prevent you pressuring your addicted loved one which might end up making the situation worse instead of helping. Keeping your expectation in check is a good way to way to help the addicted person.


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