Dogs run away for various reasons including boredom, being frightened, or finding quick ways of escaping. Others disappear as they look for a mate in distant locations. Finding a runaway dog is a challenging task regardless of why they ran off. For example, you have to contact your neighbors, put up flyers, and look for it in animal shelters. Sometimes, you may never find them. Consequently, preventing escape is the best course of action. Here are 5 tips to keeping a dog from running away.

  1. Neuter Your Dog

Breeding is an instinct in dogs as it is in any other mammal. This instinct forces them to run away in search of a suitable mate if they cannot find one near them. Sometimes, this search goes on endlessly causing them to lose their sense of direction. Reducing the impact of this instinct on your dog is possible through neutering. Neutering is the removal of reproductive organs in an animal either wholly or partially. The technical name for this process in female dogs is spaying.

  1. Train Your Dog

Strange or traumatic events terrify your dog. These events include roaring thunder, extreme violence, or fireworks. Some dogs run away in response to these occurrences because they want to get away from what they perceive as imminent danger. Training them on appropriate ways of responding to these events instead of running off is an excellent idea. For example, prepare a safe area for your dog so that he can go there whenever lightning strikes. Helping your dog cope with PTSD is also necessary if it suffered from a traumatizing event.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Dog

Dogs prefer living in areas where they feel appreciated. Remember, they wait for you to arrive home from work so that they can play with you. They will spend their energy elsewhere if you do not pay attention to them. Sometimes, they can spend this energy far away from home. At other times, someone who shows them more affection than you do can take them away from you. Please pay attention to your dog so that it stays within your compound. Taking your pet on a daily walk is an excellent idea.

  1. 4.    Use a Wireless Dog Fence

Physical fences suffer from several limitations. For example, dogs will find and exploit weaknesses in these fences. They can jump over it, push through a damaged part of it, or dig under it. Fortunately, these limitations are absent when you use wireless dog fence. More specifically, dogs cannot find weak spots in this system. You can also use wireless fences when you are camping or on a picnic because you can set them up anywhere.

  1. Build a Home for Your Dog

Dogs need an area where they can retreat to when they feel tired, bored, or rejected. This area should be as comfortable as possible so that they do not opt for other places of rest. A kennel will keep your dog safe by sheltering him from the sun, rain, and strong winds. Building it offers you many advantages as well. For example, you will know where your pet is even if it acted irrationally. Moreover, you can keep the dog away from the house without throwing it off your compound.