Before your kid starts crawling, you must Baby proof your home. Babies love to explore the living space. From kitchen to the stairwell to the garden area, there’s nowhere they cannot reach. When your baby turns 1-2 years, they get super curious about their surroundings.

Of course, you cannot spend your entire day looking after your little one. So, how do you ensure that your home is a safe place for your infant? In this post, we’ll walk you through five important ways to Baby proof your space. Let’s begin.

Install Drawers

You never know when your little one will reach up to the cupboard and smash their head onto the giant door. Similarly, infants can crawl and reach the medicinal cabinet. The easiest way to prevent uninvited accidents is by installing drawers and baby furniture. The drawers are pretty hard to open, especially for toddlers. Besides, you must try to keep the cupboards locked all the time.

Secure the Toilet Lids

There are many child drowning cases we get to hear every year. Parents need to secure the toilet seats and other such still water sources to keep their child from unwanted accidents. You must start the “baby proofing my home” task from the toilet seats.

Keep the Doors and Windows Locked

The corners and hinges in the doors can turn out super painful for your little ones. Try to keep the doors and windows locked. Set up door top locks to keep your child from playing with doorknobs. For windows, you must install wedges to prevent your child from shutting the windows accidentally and hurting their fingers.

You can also install baby gates to keep your children safe. These gates don’t provide your children the access to unsafe areas in your home.

Plug Electrical Holes

The small electrical holes can prove dangerous for your children. Infants love to get their fingers into these tiny electrical outlets. To prevent your children from accessing these electrical holes, tape them with plastic covers. These plastic covers are strong enough to be opened with one hand.

For further protection, place the two-seater dining table and other children’s furniture near the electrical plug. This won’t let your infants see or reach the plug and play with it.

Keep Floors Neat

Your little ones crawl, sleep, walk, and sit on the floor all the time. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the floor is clean from germs, bacteria, and other hazardous contaminants that could lead to infections. Clean your floor every day and remove all the smaller objects you find on the floor.

Infants take everything they find on the floor to their mouths. You cannot keep an eye on your child 24 hours. So, it is better to remove the smaller objects such as coins, rings, make-up stuff, and other small accessories from the child’s vicinity.

Children’s safety should be your topmost priority. So it is advisable that you follow these tips and keep your children safe.