If you want to build confidence in the bedroom, start building confidence in yourself. Whether you are in a brand new budding relationship or have been together so long you complete each other’s sentences, one of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship is intimacy.

relationship cta imageIt’s the light inside that you share with another person. It’s the part of you that tells them, “You are mine and don’t forget it”. It’s the first part of your union that takes a hit when things go south and also the best way to turn things around. Put that relationship spark back where it belongs. It may be easier than you think.

Tips to build confidence in and out of the bedroom.

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  1. Be Mindful: Like so many aspects of a relationship, solutions are found within ourselves before they are translated to others. Staying connected with yourself helps you stay connected with your significant other. Mindfulness applies first to oneself and if harmony is found there, then it can be shared. It also pertains to intimate closeness and the value of paying attention. By observing, listening, and being mindful of your partner, you can often know what they want or need before they do.
  2. Try Being Creative: Think outside the box and make things fun for a change. Bring a Colombian message into it or some warm wax. Who knows what you people are into. I’m sure sometimes it gets real interesting. Never give up on that and imagine how long it’s going to take to train someone new.
  3. Communicate: Nothing’s worse than trying to figure out what someone else is thinking. Speak up for goodness sake and scream to the hills what makes you tingle. Everyone wishes that had a pamphlet of ideas and your other half is more than ready to let you in on the secret.
  4. Work At It: Anything worth doing is worth doing over and over. Or well. Think about what needs to be done and focus for once. You’re simply not allowed to fall asleep in front of Netflix every night. That’s what single people do.
  5. Have Fun: Relax. It’s only the best idea ever. There’s no reason to foul things up by over thinking. This is where Fiera can help you accomplish this. Enjoy some Fiera sexual wellness as you spice up things in the bedroom. Visit their landing page and see what all the fuss is about. Purchase one of their products on Amazon for a limited discount price. Sign up for the Relationship Refresh newsletter and recieve tips to helping to respark your relationship intimacy again. Fiera is scientifically designed to increase arousal and pleasure in sex. This is called Before-Play.

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No matter how you find inner-peace, you are encouraged to do it as soon as possible. Your significant other is out there waiting for you. Everyone dances with somebody. It might as well be you. Also, consider that increased intimacy and a shared feeling of love might be just the thing you need to jump start your engine. Good luck and have fun. There are no rules. Except maybe no biting.