There is no happier moment in your life than the day you become a parent and hold that tiny being in your hands with an overwhelmed heart and welled up eyes. Almost every parent makes a silent promise that I would never let anything happen to the piece of my heart. But, we do not always happen to create an ideal environment for our kids, especially if the marital life is not working out and you are working with family lawyers in Melbourne.We must try to save our kids coming into the crossfire by following the do’s and don’ts of marital separation, and ensure that they are prepared for this major move. Every considerate parent looks to live with their children even after divorce, but sometimes the custody of children goes to the less deserved spouse. Therefore, we have listed here six tips you can follow to win the custody of your child with the hope that you deserve them.

1.     Behave responsibly:

Courts strive to hand over the custody of children to the parents who are most responsible and considerate towards their children. Therefore, do not give your spouse any room to validate his claim that you indulge in reckless activities like drinking alcohol, abusing drugs, rescheduling parenting time, and not coming through on your commitments.

2.     Be flexible in working with your ex-husband:

You may not be able to stand the sight of his face but show a willingness to work with him for the sake of your children. The result, you will be able to project in court that children are more important to you than personal grudges.

3.     Request for an in-home evaluation:

Your spouse may try to prove in the court that your conduct at home is not conducive to raise children. Always keep one thing in mind that perception is everything, and whatever is said in the court, whether it is true or not, it starts to get absorbed if you do not respond.

Therefore, one of the best ways to respond is to schedule an in-home evaluation, where a court-appointed observer will visit your home randomly and evaluate whether your environment is conducive to raise children.

4.     Obey orders of the court:

Do not dawdle around the court proceedings and make sure that you follow every order of the court with utmost responsibility and punctuality. It will make an impression on the judge and jury, and as a result will have some bearing on the overall verdict.

5.     Hire a competent attorney:

Hire a qualified lawyer who is well-rehearsed in family law, because they will be up to speed on the nuances of such legal proceedings and will give you wise pieces of advice. But, in case you are struggling to find such an attorney, you can get a lifeline if you click here.

6.     Do not slander your spouse:

During the legal battle, you may be tempted to craft negative stories about your husband that are unfounded and baseless. But, do not indulge in this temptation because if you are unable to prove it, the court will start considering you as someone unreasonably vindictive and spiteful.

Therefore, always keep your children first in your head and only share with court those genuine stories and behaviors of your spouse that can jeopardize the future of your children.