This decade has seen a rapid increase in car accidents, and even though enough tips are floating on the internet to ensure safe driving, there still has not been any significant improvement in the statistics. 

This trend is usually attributed to the lack of will to follow traffic rules, but it can be related to the fact that we do not pay much attention to the safety features while buying a car. Therefore, we have listed here six crucial safety features that you must look for in a vehicle so that we, as a nation, do not have to tolerate too many traffic accidents.

1.     Air Bags:

Airbags are one of the most common and crucial safety features of a car because they inflate on collision, and save the driver and the co-passenger from banging their heads on the dashboard or get smashed in the windscreen. There are also airbags on the side which prevents the occupants of a car from getting hurt by the forces operating on the sides of a car. But, make sure that you always wear a seat belt, because airbags work efficiently only when they are coupled with seat belts.

Some countries have made it mandatory for all car manufacturers to have airbags in their products. Therefore, if you are hurt due to the lack of it, you can sue the manufacturer by hiring a competent attorney who can help with your auto accident.

2.     Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC):

Most of the new cars are now coming with ACC, which works by analyzing the information relayed by the radar and the camera installed in the grille of the car. It locks the car in front and tries to maintain a safe distance by pushing the accelerator when distance increases and applying brakes when distance tramples pass the safe limit. This feature is particularly beneficial for long drives and times when there is too much traffic congestion.

3.     Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB):

A large number of people are shifting to cars with the automatic emergency braking system because it significantly reduces the chances of a collision. Whenever this system senses a crash and the driver does not respond in time, it automatically starts to apply brakes and brings the car to a halt.

4.     Lane Drift Warning:

Lane Drift Warning system buzzes your car’s steering or seat if you are drifting off your lane without engaging the turn switch. Some advanced systems also intervene in the steering process and make sure that you are within the bracket of mapped white lines.

5.     Blindspot detection:

Almost all drivers are fully aware that they have a blind spot when it comes to driving. It means that the side mirrors are incapable of reflecting if there is a vehicle approaching from that blind spot. Therefore, modern cars have come up with solutions like blind-spot detection, which flashes different colored lights in your side mirror if you have a vehicle approaching from either side.

6.     Rear View Camera:

Cars are installed with rearview cameras to increase the rear vision of the driver, so that little animals or children do not get trampled. It works in tandem with reverse gear and is also very helpful in parallel parking.

Therefore, whenever you go to buy a car, focus less on its aesthetics and more on utility and safety so that you can minimize the risk of incurring a deadly car accident.