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As a bride on a budget most of my wedding decorations were DIY but it was important to me that DIY didn’t look or feel cheap. Centerpieces are one of the first things that catch guest eyes as they walk through the door and one of the largest part of the decor budget, next to flowers. It was important to me that these made a statement and incorporated the elements and colors of me wedding.

Here are 6 Tips for Creating Unique Centerpieces:

  • Not every centerpeice needs to be the same. Mix height to draw the way from table to table.
  • Try slicing lemons, limes or oranges into ice water and adding the mixture to a crystal vase or apothecary jar. Not only is it bright and vibrant but your tables will smell sweet!
  • Shells, dried star fish, sand, and fishing nets can bring a little bit of the beach right to your tables. This can also be applied to rustic settings!
  • Instead of babies breath or greens, accentuate your flower centerpieces with feathers or branches!
  • Larger rectangle tables can have multiple pieces, but keep them similar to keep it from being over whelming.
  • Place candles over mirrors to reflect the light.

I’m a fairly savvy online shopper and I prefer to shop at websites where I can get all of my supplies in one order to cut down on shipping cost which can be expensive with the rise in gas prices. From fun feathers to funky mirrors and vases eFavorMart had just about everything. I loved that in addition to pictures of the actual product they also offered photos of the item in a centerpiece.

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These feather photos showed how really versatile they were, and could be used to pull of any look from funky to romantic. eFavorMart offered over 93 products to create almost any centerpiece you could imagine, and even some you hadn’t!