Whether you have lived in a tiny apartment in New York City or you are in a studio apartment as your first place after moving out of the college dorm, you may need some help making it feel more like home.

The problem with renting or owning a small studio apartment is how to create some separation between the living area where everything is all open plan and where the bed is situated. This doesn’t make the bedroom area look very inviting when it doesn’t even feel separate to the rest of the living space.

Here are some tips for how to decorate or reorganize a bedroom in a studio apartment to get the most out of it.

1. Use a Screen or Divider

Whilst a Japanese-styled screen will typically block the view between the main living space and the bedroom area, this isn’t always ideal. What if your girlfriend is having a lazy afternoon on Sunday in bed and the divider is both preventing you from making eye-contact and drowning out her voice so you cannot make out what she’s saying?

One alternative is a screen or divider that is partially or fully see-through. The design of such a divider or screen can be completely up to the individual who wishes to match the existing decor and furniture in the bedroom. Such a bold choice can still create that much needed separation without creating an obstacle at the same time.

2. White on White

Another option is to cover the bed in white linen and white pillow cases, along with white floorboards below. This can mask the area entirely from view which can create a kind of mirage effect. Other bedroom furniture should stick with the pale colorful scheme so as to not stand out.

The rest of the furniture in the studio apartment can be on the more colorful side which will provide that essential contrast to make the double bed hide in plain sight.

3. Couch to the Rescue

The separation of the bedroom can be designed using a coach to create a forced space between one area and another. Effort should then be made to create an entirely different sleeping area for the bedroom that looks distinctly different using interesting flooring, lighting, furniture and linen selections.

4. Use a Curtain

A curtain can be a lovely way to decorate the edge of the bedroom in a studio apartment. It can provide some much needed texture as a long drape that hangs down to create some darkness and a sense of warmth at night.

The design of the curtain can also be extended to a rug or a throw over the comforter which continues the same look in select areas within the bedroom.

5. Create a Working Space Carefully

For bedroom areas that are very small, but the occupier still needs an area to use their laptop without needing to lay it on the bed, one way around the problem is to create a sturdy bookshelf alongside the bed. This can double as a laptop table of sorts with the occupier sitting on the side of the bed while they type. There are even mini seat covers that can provide some back support from this position.

6. Ensure Good and Zero Lighting

For anyone who enjoys reading in bed, a good reading light is essential. However, research shows that to achieve REM sleep it is better to create a zero light bedroom environment in order that the brain can fully zone out. Set the bedroom up so that light sources in the rest of the studio apartment don’t leech into the bedroom area.

7. Fresh Flowers Do Wonders

Fresh flowers are great for adding much needed color to any bedroom. If you don’t like to keep replacing fresh flowers, then try some silk flower alternatives to still provide that vibrant color injection. The fresh flowers are a better choice though because they add a pleasant, all natural fragrance to the bedroom.

8. Go Artistic with a Canopy

For the more artistic, the bedroom area could be covered with a canopy to provide a visually interesting entrance/exit. With some select furniture choices to fit into this older vibe, this theme can bring some added character to the bedroom area.

9. Make the Bed the Feature

The main part of the bedroom is the sleeping area. Investing in a quality bed that provides personal comfort is worth the investment. Also, don’t forget either duck down pillows or memory foam for some good headrest as well.

10. Make Furniture Perform Double Duty

With smaller bedrooms, it is important to minimize the furniture by having it perform more than one function. A chest to store belongings can also be used as a coffee table or as a book shelf.

There are many different ways to decorate a small bedroom area. We hope that you’ve found these suggestions helpful. If you have your own ideas, please share them with us.