Once you begin to embrace the cruising lifestyle, there’s no turning back. Everything is different in your life now and you know it. There will be no satisfaction until that time as you are enjoying the adult pool on the promenade deck with new friends and Caribbean breezes. I love my adventures aboard the Norwegian fleet of ships.

Experienced cruisers know the best times can always be had on the on the ship, even when docked. Many long time cruise affectionados prefer to remain by the pool when the rest of the passengers are exploring the rivers, jungles, and beaches of St. Somewhere.

Expert cruisers know how to utilize their time on the ship as well as possible. There’s nothing more fun than “holding down the fort” and guarding the pool while the rest of your party enjoys an excursion. Follow this list of ideas and you’ll have a tough time finding reasons to leave the comfort of the ship.

Amusing oneself is really easy on a cruise ship. Although they visit exotic ports of call, it just always gets easier to stay on the boat. Some of the most fun days are the ones spent traveling. It’s the pleasure of the serious cruise ship animal. By the time you finish one adventure, you should already be hard at work planning your next. That’s how it is with this breed. They aren’t satisfied unless they are perched in the sun, poolside with book and drink in hand.