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You really are a cat lover. You are closer to your cat more than you are to most people. They are truly part of the family. Recently, one of my favorite cats up and took off. He moved a few houses down the street and still seems happy. I say good morning every once in awhile when I see him in his new front yard. He must be getting fed warm buttermilk. Maybe that house is a little better set up for cat living. Cats need places to lay and perch and things to shred. There’s lots of fun ways to make your cat comfortable and your house interesting at the same time.

Purina Cat

We furnish and decorate our homes to meet the needs of our families, and easy changes can make our homes more cat-friendly. Giving your cat places to play and perch can help to put them at ease in their surroundings.  Providing safe access to sounds, sights, and smells of the outdoors provides stimulation for cats, and purposeful play helps to develop instinctual cat behaviors.


Creating A Cat Friendly Home

Cat’s in the wild get to scratch, hide, burrow, and hunt. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your home’s plan to help your feline enjoy some of their natural instincts.

  1. Create Hiding Places: These are places where they can stash dead lizards and other presents. They may also need a sneaky spot from which to slash your legs as you walk by.
  2. Build Vertical Perches: Allowing them to gain the high ground is important if they decide to jump down on your shoulders without permission. #IAMSCat
  3. Make Walkways: This is a small space that resembles a book shelf close to the ceiling. It’s the cat zone.
  4. Create Tunnels: This idea suggests that you make holes in your walls, but imagine the walkways and tunnels that go from room to room. Purina One Cat
  5. Clear Paths: This gives cats their space and people their space. Your cat doesn’t have to trip you every time you arrive from the market. IMG_20151207_171624585-EFFECTS
  6. Help Your Cat To Enjoy The Outdoors: Your cat needs claws in order to enjoy nature safely, but there are other ways to let your feline friend enjoy the outdoors. That’s where the lizards are.
  7. Give Your Cat Places to Hide Their Toys: Cats like to hide their possessions like people. Keep an eye out for catnip.
  8. Build Scratch Surfaces: Check out the photos of the rope wall? You may consider putting rope walls all over the house. Your cat will love you. 
  9. Focus On Nutrition: A healthy cat is a happy cat. You can incorporate IAMS™ snacks and food into your pets’ diet  because their new reformulation allows cat lovers to customize their cat’s nutrition through a well balanced lifestyle. You can focus on your cats needs with several blends available in chicken and salmon flavor in the following formulas: Hairball Care, Digestive Health, Oral Care, available at your favorite Walmart. My cat deserves the best I can offer!IMG_20160310_153211490_HDR

Filthy and inappropriate environments, boredom, difficult introduction of new animals and even some negative design choices can be hard on your kitty.  Stress can cause a myriad of health and behavioral problems and you can help lessen them by considering your cats’ needs when decorating your home. Think of all the ways you can make your home more cat friendly and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Cats have a reputation for being sneaky and carefree, but their occasional preference for privacy doesn’t mean they aren’t deeply impacted by their environment. When the impact is negative, watch out for unwanted behaviors.