I was compensated by Purina for helping to raise awareness for this event. When the time comes that you decide to add a new furry family member, there are many factors to consider. What kind of lifestyle do you lead? How big is your home? Do you have children? What’s your personality like? The list could go on forever but I think you get the drift of where I’m going. Even if you are set on specific breed, it doesn’t mean you have to get a baby from breeder. Shelters often have many pure breeds. With new puppies and kittens there come a lot of unknowns. When adopting a pet, many of the unknowns are known. Which in my opinion makes for more successful matchups between pet and parent. Here are 5 reasons why I think adopting a pet is the obvious choice.


5 Reasons Why You Should Go With Adopting A Pet

I’m sure there have been many times that everyone here has wished for a second chance to get it right. Why should pets be any different? Often these pets are just a victim of circumstance. Just because they are in the shelter doesn’t mean they are bad animals. Who knows, it just may be you that is getting the second chance.

One of the big perks that comes with adopting a pet over getting a youngling is that they will usually already have some sort of training and often are quite intelligent. Which is great if you are a first time pet owner

This goes back to giving second chances. These animals understand the situation that they are in when they are in the shelters. When You rescue one of these animals and take them home they understand what it is that you have done for them. There is an unwavering loyalty and friendship that is formed when an animal is rescued and given a second chance.

It’s a grim reality, but a reality nonetheless.  Many shelter animals end up never getting the second chance they deserve. At the rate that the animals come into the shelters it is very difficult to care for them for any extended period of time. Both in the logistical and financial sense. When you adopt a pet, you are literally saving a life. Your are also making a stand against reckless commercial breeding practices. So adopting a pet is saving a life. Maybe even your own.

When you finally do make the decision to add a new  member to family. You are faced with the decision to get a puppy or kitten from a pet store or breeder or to adopt one from your local shelter. No matter how reputable the breeder is, it’s a personality gamble when you get a new baby animal. Through adoption you can take the time to find the companion that speaks to you and that you make a connection with before taking it home.

Petfinder is a leading online resource for pet adoption, education, awareness and advocacy. It has been leading this mission nationwide for 20 years. Petfinder is asking pet lovers everywhere to help them celebrate their 20th anniversary by helping them raise $200,000 to benefit 20 shelters and rescue members. To make the donations possible they are asking us to help them reach one million views of its #MetOnPetfinder anniversary video, by October 24, which shows how adoptable pets have transformed the lives of their adopters. Since 1996 Petfinder has helped over 25 million pets find new homes and families. There are over 250,00 adoptable pets on Petfinder which works with over 13,000 different shelters nationwide. Be sure to checkout their #MetOnPetfinder celebration video and help them reach their goal of a million views so they can keep up the good fight. If you have a story about how an adopted animal changed your life, we want to hear your story. Tell us all about it.

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