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Staying At Global Resort Homes Saved Our Vacation

Have you ever taken a vacation for a full week? That is a really long time for most Americans to take a vacation, and for those of us who do vacation for full weeks, halfway through our “vacation” we are ready for a vacation! My family usually misses the comforts of home and finds that being away from these conveniences hinders our fun time. I always worry about money, and my husband worries about his sanity while being surrounded by kids with nowhere to escape. These are things that most families like mine are concerned with. Last year, when we stayed at a hotel, we ended up leaving two days early just because the kids were driving us crazy, and we spent too much money at the parks and on food. This year was going to be different thanks to Global Resort Homes. After staying here a full week with my family, I understand why they are the Orlando Vacation Home Specialists.

We stayed at the Paradise Palms Resort in a five-bedroom home which was fully equipped. By fully equipped, I mean everything you would need at home, you have in a Global Vacation Home. We stayed at 3067 Beach Palm Avenue. You can tell from the moment we walked in the door that it was a first-class home. The final touches such as the centerpiece on the dining room table as well as the placement of the wine glasses made me feel special, like they went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

It just so happened that our vacation time coincided with the first illness I have had in a year. I was not feeling well, and the kids were on the tail-end of healing themselves. If we would have been in a hotel, we would have had to cancel our plans. There would have been no way that everyone would have been able to sleep in the same room with all the coughing that was going on.

Because we had a vacation home with five bedrooms, we were able to play chase mommy in her sleep. This means that we all started in our own bedrooms like at home. I stayed in the master bedroom above while my kids started out in the twin room below.

During the middle of the night, Mason and Jakobi migrated to our bed. Once the elbows and knees started venturing towards my face, I shortly moved to another twin room.

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All of the rooms had an alarm clock and a flat screen television. Each room had a coordinating decor complete with throw pillows, plants and stylish wooden furniture.

A bathroom was either connected or within steps of each room as well. This way I could wake up early without disturbing the kids or the husband while having a few moments to myself. The bathrooms were stocked full of towels and a convenient starter pack of toilet paper, soap and shampoo. A toothbrush holder was provided for us much to my relief. Each bathroom also adorned a decorative plant atop the granite counters.

The kitchen was fully stocked with everything you needed to cook, serve and store your food. This was a big savings for my family. Normally we spend about $100 a day eating out at the parks and at restaurants. By cooking for the family instead, we only spent $110 on the whole week’s worth of groceries. This let us spend money for special events like dining at Sea World At Santa’s Fireside Feast. See how relaxing the living area looks? The bar looks like the perfect place to park and chat with your family, which is exactly what I did when my sister came over from DeLand.

We had a private screened heated pool under a covered Lanai, so the cousins could splash around in the water even though it was December!

This was one of the times I was glad we had a vacation home because we could entertain our family like it was our own house. We had plenty of towels to go around and could wash and dry their clothes since Paige went into the pool in her pajamas!!

While my husband had the kids outside, Jamie and I worked on our upcoming blog posts. I thought the house was a goldmine of great photo opportunities and utilized the picturesque surroundings to my advantage. You will see parts of the Global Resort Vacation home in a few upcoming craft and recipe posts!

It was probably one of the best perks of staying in a home as opposed to a hotel. I was able to work with the wireless internet, while the kids and husband were entertained. We were also tiring pretty easy due to being sick, so having half-days at the park was a lot easier with something to come home to as opposed to a room with a tv and no place to spread out. I honestly feel as if Global Resort Vacation Homes saved our vacation while making it one of the best we had. I feared at the beginning it was going to be a disaster and was pleasantly relieved and thankful at how everything turned out. You can see all my post from our wonderful Kissimmee Vacation where I guest blogged at i.see.Kissimmee.

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