Henry Loves His Meep

I am a technology addict and am slowly adding products to my arsenal! I absolutely love the fact that I can be connected to just about anyone, anywhere, anytime with a handful of devices. Technology has enabled me to stay home with my kids and still earn a living, keep in touch with my oldest who is almost 4 hours away and keep me abreast of the latest on the Hollywood scene! My kids have also caught my technology bug but I am not quite ready to equip them with the same level of electronics that I am using for myself. With me home schooling Henry, it has been amazing all the resources that are available to us through the internet. We have been able to teach him from home at very little out of pocket cost because so much out there is free! Now that has has turned 12, I decided it was time to find him a table he can use for school as well as for fun. In my opinion, one of the leaders in this area is Oregon Scientific and their amazing Meep Tablet. If you are looking for a great Wi-fi Tablet for kids, this is a solid choice for all your kid’s needs.

A Great Wi Fi Tablet For Kids

A Great Wi Fi Tablet For Kids

One of the things I have found with a lot of kid’s tablets is they are pretty limited as far as what they can do. I wanted a tablet that Henry could download apps, play games and access the Internet. I also needed something that would be pretty rugged because he is a boy and all, so they can be kind of rough on things. I also wanted to find a table that would allow me to have as much control as I felt Henry needed so he would not be able to download or buy anything or visit place son the Internet I did not feel was appropriate. With the Meep Tablet, I get a great Wi-Fi table for kids that also has the features I was looking for. In addition, the Meep Tablet also allows your child to listen to music, read e-books, and watch movies. While we were browsing through the e-books, Henry found one of his favorites, which we already own, “Will Solvit And The T-Rex Terror”. He was so excited and surprised!


From a parental standpoint, I love the zForce® touch screen technology, the well constructed design and how well it fits in Henry’s hand. I can monitor where he has visited online, see the games he has played and the keywords he has used. The best part is I can do all of this from my computer or my tablet or phone, which I appreciate. Another really cool feature on the Meep is that we can chat with each other and you can choose from 4 levels of access. If you have more than one child with a Meep, they can also chat from their tablets to one another, which my kids would do in a heartbeat! One other unique feature I think is so darn clever is I can give Henry a virtual allowance and he can buy Meep coins to buy games and apps. How neat is that?!

This helps teach him the importance of budgeting and he can stop asking me every 5 seconds for money to add to this account or that. Now he can see how much he has and when it is spent, he has to wait until the next week when he gets his next allowance. Brilliant! There are so many apps and games the kids can download that they will never get bored and you will so get your money’s worth with this product. To see all of the features the Meep Tablet has to offer, you can take a look at their video on the Meep Tablet home page in the parents portal. You can purchase the Meep Tablet for $149.99 at Target or Toys R Us as well as other fine stores where kids electronics are sold.


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