Accessories For Teenage Girls That Are Cute And Functional

Caitlin started high school this year and I cannot quite believe it! She is growing up to be such a great young lady and I am extremely proud of her. I remember what it was like to be in high school and it was a jungle in there! The guys are looking at each other like the king of jungle eyeing his prey. The girls are eyeing each other because they see each other as their competition for the next 4 years. And all of that can happen before the first bell even rings! I wanted her to start school on the right foot, so I asked around to be sure I got her the right accessories. She had a cute lunchbox from last year that has her name embroidered on it. I was told that initials were OK in high school, but not the whole name. She was also getting an iPad from school as all of their text is electronic now. They even get their assignments online and can turn them in the same way! She loves personalized stuff but she did not want anything to be babyish, so I knew exactly where to go. If you want to add your personal touch to your accessories, you can count on Miss Lucy’s Monograms.
Accessories For Teenage Girls

Accessories For Teenage Girls

Miss Lucy’s Monograms is the loving creation of Debbie, a retired school teacher. After 33 years of teaching, Debbie decided to open a company that focused on something she was passionate about; monograms. The web based company was started with lots of support from her friends and family and the dream became a reality. Debbie is kept hopping busy and her staff are running their 3 commercial embroidery machines virtually all day long! If you want the largest selection of fonts, thread colors and products on which to put them, Miss Lucy’s Monograms is the place to go! If you are looking for products where fashion meets function, personalized items are perfect for you!

Debbie helped me choose 3 of the cutest products for Caitlin and I was so grateful for her suggestions. I am completely in the dark when it comes to what teenage girls want, so Debbie guided me on the patterns and colors she may like. We decided on the insulated lunch tote, which sells for $23.00, in the black and white zebra print with purple handles and purple thread for her initials. For her iPad, we decided on the quilted iPad case with the zipper, which you can purchase for $23.00. We chose the cute paisley pattern in a lime green, bright pink and white with the adorable turquoise thread and again, Caitlin’s initials. Finally, Debbie sent Caitlin absolutely the cutest tee shirt in purple, which is Caitlin’s favorite color and it has the cutest green glitter faux pocket. The short sleeve tee shirt sells on Debbie’s website for $16.00. You can buy a ton of products like  laptop and tablet cases, back packs and cosmetic bags and any more. All are available to have your personalized touch added at no additional charge!

One USA reader will win one Lunch Tote or Tablet Case ($23.00)


  1. I love the Monogrammed Tee’s – & the Overnight case is sooo cute! Thanks for the chance, great review!

  2. id like to personalize the Adult Classic Quarter Zip Sweatshirt with my teen sons name and basketball number

  3. Monogrammed, Oversized Oxford Shirt for Little Girls – Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, or to be like Mommy!

  4. I so love their Monogrammed Insulated Casserole Carrier. I’d like to get myself one and I know a couple people it would make the perfect gift for 🙂

  5. I’d love to have the Canvas Tote – Zebra Tote with Black Bottom. I think it would be perfect for taking to the library! 🙂

  6. I would personalize the Monogrammed Quilted 3 Piece Diaper/Purse/Tote Bag – Lime with Lime/White Polka Dot Ribbon Trim

  7. I would like the GRACEWEAR COLLECTION – 36″Long Rhodium Plated Linked Necklace featuring the Shield of Faith.

  8. I would have the Drawstring Track Bag with Mesh Back in pink monogrammed with “Dance, Dance, Dance” for my daughter.

  9. My granddaughter loves Zebra item so I would choose to have the Monogrammed Backpack with Snap/Zipper Closure – Zebra personalized.

  10. I would have the Monogrammed Quilted 3 Piece Diaper/Tote Bag – Houndstooth with Ribbon Trim

  11. I like the Monogrammed INSULATED Cooler Bag – Black & White Chevron

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  12. I’d like to have the Monogrammed Market Tote / Basket – Black with White Swirls personalized for me!

  13. I would really love the Monogrammed Insulated Lunch Tote – Black and White Damask for my Grand daughter she would love it, she packs her lunch everyday.

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