Accessories For Your Bedroom

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination with decorating. I know when I was probably 10 or 12, I would sit in my room and draw diagrams of our house and how I would rearrange our furniture. We were dirt poor when we were growing up, so if I wanted to redecorate my bedroom, mom said I had to figure out where to find the things I wanted. I was always scrounging around the neighborhood, asking friends for cast offs and surveying the trash heap down the street. Now that I am grown, not a whole lot has changed! I am still on a very tight budget, love to decorate and am all about finding ways to decorate within my limited price range. Here are some great ideas to help you decorate like a millionaire on a pauper’s budget!

Tips To Find Designer Bedroom Accessories On A Budget pin

4 Tips To Find Designer Bedroom Accessories On A Budget

  1. Check The Flea Markets: You can find a treasure trove of goodies at your local flea market. You may need to dig, but you can find some wonderful finds, and sometimes an antique can be had.
  2. Check The Curbs: I have done a lot of late night curb surveying and have found some of my best finds. My favorite was a pair of wing back arm chairs which had some scratched areas from a cat. I re-covered them and they were a family favorite for many years.
  3. Check The Thrift Stores: As with the flea market, you can find some wonderful accessories for your bedroom at the local thrift store. They may not be antiques like you are more likely to find at the flea market, but there are some wonderful finds for the picking none the less.
  4. Check Online Stores: Just because you may be forced to look online and pay a higher price, does not mean you cannot find bargains. For instance, with Deny Designs, you can find unique designer accessories for your home at a very affordable price.


I will tell the truth; I am completely in love with Deny Designs and have been for many years. I have reviewed several items including a shower curtain in my post, “Custom Made Home Accessories From Deny Designs Sweepstakes“, pillows in the post, “Custom Designed Throw Pillows From Deny Designs Sweepstakes” and a gorgeous duvet cover in my post, “Five Tips To Make A New House Feel Like Home.” The reason I love them so much is because they give life to talented artists who may otherwise not be appreciated. You can have the work from a huge array of brilliant artists imposed onto a variety of products for the home like duvet covers, magnet boards, clocks, rugs and more.

Recently, we redecorated Caitlin’s bedroom for her 16th birthday. I wanted to add some unique accessories and I knew Deny Designs would have just what we were looking for. We chose the “ISABET C” round clock by Martin Bunyi, which retails for $30 on the Deny Designs website. Caitlin wanted her initials on some of her accessories and what luck to have found this intricately designed black and white clock. The purple hands are a great detail which adds a pop of color. In addition, we also chose the “ICICLE” tabletop frame by the talented Caroline Okun, which sells for the $20. Caitlin has touches of aqua and gray in her bedroom, so these colors were just perfect for her room. I love that we were able to find some fantastic looking accessories for her bedroom for just under $50! Be sure to follow DENY Designs on Facebook and Twitter to stay current with their latest news and deals. One USA reader will win a round clock of their choice ARV $30.

When you are decorating, where is your favorite place to find great deals?