They say pregnancy changes a woman, from her personality to the shape of her body. I never disputed that and when I became pregnant I prepared for those changes. What I didn’t know about, what I couldn’t prepare for were the other changes no one told me about. My skin and hair have yet to recover from pregnancy. I used to have gorgeous curly hair. It was full, thick and hung in ringlets. Now it’s frizzy, flat and I shed. But my face was even worse. Growing up I was blessed with a clear, olive complexion. I never even went through the awkward pimple-faced teenager stage. And then pregnancy happened. I actually get pimples now, my skin is combination oily and dry. My once flawless complexion is now marred by blemishes no amount of high end product can seem to get rid of.

Acnetene Acne Treatment System

So when I was approached to try out the Acnetene Acne Treatment System to see what I thought of their product I was skeptical. I had tried everything to get my skin back to the way it used to be, without success, what made this different? But I decided to give it a try. Opening the box I was a little overwhelmed. There was not one, not two, but FIVE different products. Let’s just say that I’m not the most committed to my night time routine and one of my “dirty little secrets” includes occasionally sleeping in my makeup. However, my anxiety substantiated when I realized that they weren’t all meant to be used simultaneously, or even every day. Phew!


The Acnetene Acne Treatment System consist of:

  • AcneWash – Gently cleans pores of infection, dirt and oil leaving skin feeling refreshed and clean!
  • PimplePads – A daily toner that disinfects and cleans pores of the most stubborn dirt, oils and contaminants.
  • PimplePaste – The industry standard for gentle exfoliation, irrigating pores of infection, bacteria and clogging. Leaves complexion smooth and soft. Excellent as a daily spot treatment, exfoliant or mask.
  • ClearCream – An excellent acne moisturizing cream instantly replenishes lost hydration. Moisturizes skin that has become dry, cracking or inflammed or irritated due to excessive washing or acne medications.
  • ZitStick – More than a concealer, ZitStick is specially formulated to kill bacteria, moisturize and reduce oiliness.

Day 1

After my initial shock and then relief I waited until that evening to incorporate Acnetene into my night time routine. First I did a smell check. To be honest at first the smell was completely overwhelming. But it didn’t smell like alcohol like normal high power acne treatments. It smelled earthy.  Like I had just put my face into the soil of my grandmas garden. (Note: It wasn’t long before I got used to the smell, and it became less overwhelming. By day 14 I hardly noticed it.)

One of the things I look for in a product isn’t just that I can see it working, I want to feel it working too. I wasn’t dissapointed with the system. Each product made me skin feel differently, all in a good way. I became hopeful.

Over the next few days my skin at first got worse, then better. As the Acnetene System pulled out the dirt and oil from my pores I did get a few more pimples but by the end of week one my skin was clearing up and already looking fabulous. But still, I could see no change in blemishes. I was beginning to become skeptical again. It was treating my acne wonderfully but I was really hoping to get rid of the blemishes.


Day 14

As it turns out I just needed to incorporate the pimple paste more regularly. By the end of week two I was elated to take pictures of a clear complexion free of oil, dry skin and yes even reduced blemishes!  While they aren’t gone completely I know that with continued use I will see greater improvement.

Acenetene Results

Unless they come out with a miracle cure I’ll never use another product again. It’s great that I have so many different products in one system all working to better my skin. You can get the complete Acnetene System (all 5 products) for only $49.00 from SkinEnergizer.Com



  1. I am just like you. Never had pimples when I was growing up and now it’s like boom! They arrived in full force. It stinks!!

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