Add Flair To Your Phone With Custom Phone Cases

When I found out it was time for a phone upgrade, I was very excited. I went from a flip phone that I never quite masted the art of texting on to a Blackberry. When I got that Blackberry, I felt as if I was on foreign soil because it was just so different from my flip. It took me a while to get used to the keyboard but before long I was texting like a teenager! I could not have imagined a day when I would ever want to change to any other phone. Well, I guess I am a fickle soul at heart because that is just what I did. I began to see people all over the place using a touch screen phone and that alien feeling came over me again. This time however, I felt like I was the alien. Even my daughter and my technically handicapped husband had a touch screen phone. I guess I decided I would join them rather than beat my head against any more walls. With a new phone of course comes new accessories, and my first need was a new case. Because I have a passion for art, I felt that caseable was a goof fit for me as they have the same passion for art as me.

Add Flair To Your Phone With Custom Phone Cases

We have a running joke in my family. We are all about the mustache and anything mustahce that we can get our hands on, we do. My oldest daughter started the whole thing and I just ran with the whole thing. I am easily amused and mustaches are funny, so why not?! With caseable, you can add flair to your phone with custom phone cases. When I was looking through the caseable site and saw they had a vast collection of best seller’s for my Samsung Galaxy, I was in heaven. The cases from caseable are all handcraft in Brooklyn, NY and are made from recycled plastic bottles. The artwork is of the finest photo quality and completely wraps around the case so there are no empty spaces. The case snaps on easily and comes off just as effortlessly and your phone is completely protected.

I could not believe my luck when I came across the “Mustache Mania” phone case by Bianca Green. With its whimsical array of pastel colored and various patterned mustaches, I knew the case was made just for me. Well, actually it was made just for me. Each case is made specifically for each individual customer instead of the artwork being pasted on a cheap pre-made case from overseas. The colors and the detail of the prints are just fantastic and it makes your phone really stand out. This young, urban and edgy company has a passion for art and a passion for making products that matter to you. You can order your custom case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, your tablet or e-reader as well as sleeves for your laptop from the caseable website. My case retails for $34.90, but prices vary from brand and product.


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