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Affordable Kitchenware From Everything Kitchens Review

Affordable Kitchenware

Where do you go to find affordable kitchenware?  Have you noticed that it seems while the prices of kitchenware may not be too high that the quality isn’t what it used to be?  I recently bought a toaster from the large retail discount store and after less than a month it had broken.  I went back to the same retailer (yes, I know…shame on me!!) and got another toaster and in about the same length of time, it broke as well.  When I told my husband the second toaster had broken, he said we were not buying another toaster and he went and bought a toaster oven.  I really don’t blame him for being peeved because it was really ridiculous to have two small appliances break like that.  I must say the new toaster oven is still doing well.

Everything Kitchens is a great online supplier of all things kitchen at very affordable prices.  With a knowledgeable sales staff who has been to through vigorous training and an excellent customer service staff, it is no wonder that Everything Kitchens has become one of the most popular go to websites for kitchen items.  Just to name a few of the name brands Everything Kitchens sells, you can find Kitchen Aid, Henkel and LeCreuset, just to name a few of many.  Everything Kitchens has bringing you these iconic names in the kitchen industry since 2001 and they sell them at the best prices.  You can find bake ware, cookware, glasses, appliances and small kitchen gadgets.  You can purchase from your choice of more almost 4,500 quality kitchen items at competitive prices either online or at their retail store in Springfield, Missouri.  For its humanitarian efforts in helping those in need, I am happy to add Everything Kitchens to my list of awesome companies who are helping others.

Cappuccino Makers For Home

I have been looking for cappuccino makers for home for a while now.  I am sure most of you know about the Latte Factor?  It is the calculation that if you buy a latte for $3.26 (average price) from a coffee shop 3 times per week, at the end of the year, you would have spent $508.56.  What could you do with an extra $500?  If you were to have your own cappuccino maker at home, you are on your way to spending that $500 for something fun!  I decided to review the Capresso 4 cup espresso and cappuccino maker ($59.99) from Everything Kitchens.  The Capresso is easy to use and easy to clean up.  All I had to do was brew the espresso, move the lever to steam to heat my milk and then combine the two and you have a perfect latte every time!  I am so in love with my new Capresso and use it virtually every morning.  Not only am I thrilled with my Capresso, I am also extremely happy with the excellent customer service at Everything Kitchens and their quick shipping of my Capresso.  Everything Kitchens really does have everything you could ever want for your kitchen at affordable prices.


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